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We know that choosing the best Father's Day gifts can sometimes be easier than trying to tackle Father's Day crafts, but there's nothing that can beat seeing your child with the biggest smile, showing off their crafty creation.

Receiving a homemade keepsake from your little one is incredibly heart warming and while it might take a little more time to create than a next day delivery gift, it'll be worth it (and so will the craft-mess!)

When is Father's Day?

Father's Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday in June in the UK. This year Father's Day celebrations will take place on Sunday, 18th June.

Handprint Corcertina Cards

This craft is super easy to make and is a great way to show dad just how much he's loved. The only tricky part of this craft is getting your little one to sit still while you draw around their hand - but it will be worth it!

Make this at Baker Ross.

Retro TV Phone Stand

If you've got a collection of lolly pop sticks that you've been saving for some crafts, this one is perfect. You might want to take over adding the glitter from your little one though, otherwise you might be hoovering it up for the rest of the month!

Make this at Baker Ross.

Best Dad Award

The best thing about this craft is that you can ask your child why they love their dad, so that everything is personal from them! It's an easy to do craft that makes a lovely little keepsake.

Make this at Crafts by Ria.

Scrabble Frame

You don't just have to stick to a picture frame for this craft, you can even make a card with scrabble pieces! All you need is enough scrabble pieces to make the words you need, some card or a picture frame.

Make this at Practically Functional.

Superhero Handprints

If your little one is superhero obsessed, then this DIY card will be the biggest compliment to dad. All you need to do is trace around your child's hand and cut it out, then decorate it as you child's favourite superhero.

Make this at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Following in Daddy's Footsteps

A simple DIY but one that will really tug at dads heart strings. Dad will be touched at the sentiment behind this picture and one that he can always treasure.

Make this at Crafty Morning.

DIY Zen Garden

Perfect for his office desk, you can create a fun little zen box with your little one for dad!

Make this at Project with Kids.

Love You To Pieces Frame

If you have a box dedicated to puzzle pieces that have escaped from a puzzle box, you can finally put them to good use. Print out a photo of the kids, create a frame from card or lolly pop sticks then stick the puzzle pieces on! You can stick them the printed way, or the blank side up and write a little 'I love you' note on them.

Make this at Crafty Morning.

Building Memories Jar

Got some spare LEGO? This craft is incredibly easy to make, all you need to do is gather a few LEGO blocks and write a different activity on each one. You can then pop them in a jar and together dad and his little one can build up their different activities they do over time.

Make this at The Seasoned Mom.

Finger Print Dish

The sweetest gift that dad can use for his loose change or his keys! All you need is air drying clay and some paint, and you can easily make a little dish for all dads little bits and bobs

Make this at What Katy Said.

Craft Supplies


Rrp: $19.98

Price: $14.98

The FunzBo Arts and Crafts is full of different crafting pieces so that you can make any creation. The colourful set even comes in a convenient box with handle. It even comes with a pair of safety scissors.


  • Lots of crafting pieces


  • Supervision will be needed due to small pieces
  • 20 x feathers
  • 10 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 20 x Metallic Colour Pompoms
  • 25 x Standard Pompoms
  • 1 jar x Sequins
  • 30 x Googly Eyes
  • 2 x Large 50mm Pompom
  • 64 x Mixed EVA Foam Letters
  • 52 x Mixed EVA Foam Flowers
  • Crystal Diamond Stickers
  • 30 x Mixed Colours Buttons
  • 50 x Colourful Wooden Popsicle Sticks
  • 4 x Glitter Glue
  • 1 x Safety Scissors
  • 5 x Sheets of Thick Construction Paper

A4 Coloured Card is the most basic crafting item you need. It provides endless crafting opportunities, from making cards to cutting out different shapes to make pictures, and even as a colourful backdrop for your little ones drawings.


  • Ten different coloured sheets


  • No white card
  • 50 sheets in each colour

Price: $9.99
Alternative retailers
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When it comes to children, Washable Paint is incredibly helpful as no matter how careful you are, paint still manages to get everywhere!


  • Easy to wash off


  • Not suitable for under three year olds
  • 6 pack of colourful paints

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