9 Best fidget toys for children

Fidget toys are great for helping concentration


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Remember when fidget toys were all the trend? Well now, a whole mass of fidget spinners have exploded onto the market from push and pops to tangle toys, there's plenty to choose from to keep little hands busy.

Fidget toys come in an array of shapes and sizes to meet different levels of sensory needs and for fidgeting fun at home, or on the go.

The best fidget toys to buy your child

Best Fidget Toy Pack

With an array of different style fidget toys from push bubbles to fidget spinners, this pack offers plenty of choice for your child.

One review said: "Was originally buying for just my daughter but there is so much I got to give my son a few extra sticking fillers as well. 2 happy children"


  • Plenty of fidget toys to choose from


  • Some repetitive toys

Best Fidget Toys for Sticking

With three cute shapes, these suction cup spinners are perfect for sticking to windows, tiles or bathtubs. They're ideal for making bath time more fun and long journeys less boring.

One review said: "We bought these to take on a long plane journey and they kept our kids entertained for a decent amount of time. They spin really easily and for a good amount of time. Can definitely recommend"


  • Spins easily
  • Can be stuck on windows or in baths


  • Some reviews mention the colours could be more vibrant

Best Soft Fidget Toy

We have seen these plushie octopus' everywhere and now we want to get our hands on one. It's a less intense fidget toy, but still works because of it's reversible sides, usually revealing two different emotions. It's great for any child who wants a plushie and a fidget toy.

One review said: "Absolutely love it! Great for showing your partner how you feel. I was skeptical about buying one as I was worried how long it would last, as some I've seen aren't good quality, but this has lasted very well! Mind you, I'm not turning it inside out every single day, but it seems to be well made!"


  • Comes in different colours


  • Small design

Best Fidget Toy Slug

This decompressing fidget toy is perfect for unwinding with a 360 degree spin. It can also be dismantled and put back together again.

One review said: "Who knew something like this would be the best present!! I bought this for my 12 year old to go in her stocking and she hasn’t stopped playing with it all day."


  • Helps to decompress


  • Slug head colours are random

Best Original Fidget Toy

We all know the classic Rubiks Cube, which was actually released in 1974. The original fidget toy, this is particularly stimulating because it's a game in itself, which you have to complete by moving the colours around. A classic that everyone can get involved with.

One review said "One of the better quality Rubix’s cubes I’ve had, perfect for beginners. Easy to take apart and reassemble."


  • Can provide hours of entertainment


  • Can be difficult to solve

Best Fidget Toy Puzzle

This can be played on your own, or with another person, and is a great sensory activity.

One review said: "Really fantastic game, for all ages my son can play by himself or with his younger siblings. great all rounder."


  • Keeps mind and hand busy


  • Can fall out of the block

Best Sensory Fidget Toy

If your child likes to build and attach things together, this sensory iMedic Pop Tube set has twelve pieces to play with. You can squish it up and down to create longer lengths and reviewers love that you can create lots of different things with this toy.

One review said: "Bought these for my son...he isn't adhd or anything but he is busy... these keep him entertained for HOURS! Had them for months now and he still plays with them! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Peace to some busy, stressed out parents is an absolute gift in itself!"


  • Endless sensory fidget opportunities


  • Tubes can dent

Best Small Fidget Toy

Controllers are remarkably fidgety and these fidget pad toys can do everything from clicking, twisting, rotating, rolling and moving. Luckily it's not connected to the TV. It comes in lots of fun colours too.

One review said: "Bought this as a part of a travel bundle to keep my toddler busy while traveling - it’s great! A bit smaller than I thought it would be, but did the trick! Good for a toddler as good as they don’t try to bite/put it in their mouth I think (just wouldn’t risk it) — otherwise seems durable and good quality!"


  • Small enough to carry around


  • Not suitable for young children

Best Fidget Fun Box

Can't decide which fidget toy you want to buy? This Fidget Box from The Works has all the classic fidget toys, including a pop-it, magic snake, infinity cube and more. Take your pick!

One review said: "Grandson loved this, good value and selection of toys for the money, would recommend"


  • Different fidget toys for different sensory needs


  • Some didn't find the net fidget toys useful


What are fidget toys for?

As the name suggests, fidget toys are best for children — and adults — who like to keep their hands occupied. They help to keep focus and concentration, work on visual and tactile awareness, as well as having vibrant colours to keep you entertained.

These toys have been particularly useful in schools and learning centres for children with ADHD, autism and anxiety.

Fidget toys are a form of sensory toy that have many benefits, such as helping to ease anxiety through stimulating movements, sounds and sensations. This includes the popping sounds from push and pops.

They are particularly helpful for children who may be in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD or autism, as fidget toys have been found to reduce any sensory issues or irritation.

What fidget toys should I buy?

There are all sorts of fidget toys on the market, from twisting shapes to balls, buttons and controllers.

If you can't decide which toy you want to invest in for your children or you, there are bundles and sets of a variety of toys, so that you'll never get bored.

One of the most popular fidget toys at the moment are the 'Pop It' toys, which have plastic poppers to pop in and out and make sounds. We all know the classic fidget spinners and Rubix Cubes, which also count as these fidget toys.

What age are fidget toys suitable for?

Most children above the age of three should be allowed to use fidget toys. As many of these toys have small parts and components, we wouldn't recommend giving these toys to babies or toddlers.

How do they help children with ADHD?

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can include:

• Low boredom threshold

• Struggling to focus or concentrate

• Impulsivity and compulsivity

Fidget toys offer repetitive movements which can help with compulsive symptoms.

They also help to release energy and are non-distracting, which in turn helps increase concentration. This also helps with boredom, as it keeps hands busy at all times.

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