Fun Weetabix ideas for babies

Weetabix for babies

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Weetabix is one of those breakfast options that everyone seems to have their own version of. Are you someone who has your Weetabix with warm milk with a spoonful of sugar? Or do you prefer to take yours cold with yoghurt and fruit?

However you like your Weetabix, there’s no denying it’s a filling and healthy breakfast or snack for your tot, and there are loads of different ways you can try and get your little one to try Weetabix and start eating it regularly.

At what age can I feed my child Weetabix?

As with any food, you can give your baby Weetabix once they’re over six months as they start weaning. Weetabix and its related products including Ready Break or Oatibix aren’t suitable for babies under six months.

Weetabix for babies

We've put together some different ideas and tips on how to prepare weetabix for babies with these fun recipe ideas.

Weetabix porridge

If Weetabix is one of the first solids you’re going to try them on, it might be best to begin by covering the biscuit with warm (make sure the milk is not too warm) cows milk and mashing it up into a porridge-like consistency.

If you fancy adding something sweet to it, puree up their favourite fruit and stir it into the Weetabix.

Weetabix and yoghurt

If your baby is teething, you might want to give your tot something a little more solid. Try spooning some greek yoghurt on top of the biscuit and adding some pureed or cut up pieces of fruit.

You could also add their favourite flavoured yoghurt on top of the biscuit to save you having to prepare the fruit yourself.

Spread it on

Instead of giving your little one spread on toast, you could make a fruit puree with their favourite fruit and spread that onto a biscuit for them to eat.

When they get older, they could have a jam or other kind of fruity spreads on top. Just be wary of the sugar content of any spreads and jams.


Swap the yoghurt or milk for your baby’s favourite fruit smoothie. Just pour it on as you would with your milk and let them get it everywhere!

Funny faces

Get two biscuits and lay them in a wide bowl next to one another. Then use different shaped fruits to create two eyes, a nose and a smiley face.

You can use just about any fruit to create this fun brekky - think a triangle strawberry for a nose, two slices of kiwi to make green eyes, blueberries as pupils and some cut up banana for a mouth.

We love this idea from @weetabixofficial on Instagram - 'Get that Friday feeling with #UnicornABix! 🦄 Challenge your children to re-create our #AnyWhichWayABix recipe and tag us in their masterpieces.'

Yoghurt and white choc chips (as a treat)

If you’re just starting your little one out on milkybar, a great way to treat them is by sprinkling some choc chips over the Weetabix and yoghurt.

Weetabix and custard

Another sweet treat or tasty dessert could be Weetabix with some custard poured on top.

If you’re concerned about sugar content, there are sugar-free custard options or you can try making your own with this recipe.

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