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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the Organix baby meals range.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary this year, Organix is excited to announce the launch of its brand new range of Baby Meals, championing real organic food and introducing a wide variety of tastes, textures and flavours for every development stage from 6 months - 12months+.

Find out what our testers thought here...

Does the Organix baby meals range differ from what is currently on the shelves?  Yes / No  How does it differ?

Kim: Yes, all the shelves seem to be full of colourful pouches and you cannot see the food inside that you’ll be feeding your baby. Being able to see the food inside the pot helps before buying to see the colour/consistency. They also clearly state how they contribute to the 5 a day and vegetable %.

Rebecca: Yes - The shape of the packaging is better, the little pot is more like a bowl and it is easier to see how much baby has eaten if taken straight from the bowl. This is not as easy when using a pouch out and about. The tubs are good and can be reused for babies snacks. The packaging is clear in the fact that it states that it is two of baby's five a day. Not many of the leading brands contain this, and it would make me purchase this brand over another.

Emma: Yes - I believe it differs from other brands with the packaging, it's very clear from the front of the package what ingredients are in the meals, it has plenty of information on.

What do you think of the recipes within the new Organix baby meals range?

Kelly: I like the new recipes within the new Organix baby meals because I like the fact it is a variety of veggies and plant protein to help with my baby's learning curve on becoming a veggie lover.

Misha: I thought they were very nutritious offering lots of veggies and protein. My little girl enjoyed each one.

Kim: They seem really nice and comforting and more like meals the baby will grow up having instead of lots of random fruit and vegetables together. Trying to juggle everything and not having to worry about lunch and dinner was great as I knew these would be a hit from the recipe.

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What do you think of the high veg / pulse content within the range?

Andrea: I think the balance is great as at this stage they are only just really getting started with their foods. there are some great veggies in the meals that offer so much taste and flavour, a great way to start the food journey. I would love to see more flavours available to keep giving my little boy even more choices.

Laura: Love it. I would never have thought to put pulses into meals, my baby absolutely loved them and they filled him up! I'd love to see more flavours in the range.

Rebecca: I like this because I have found it difficult to think of or create meals with pulses and they are so important in baby's diet. I love that they have high veg content as I know that even if we've had a rushed day, we can grab one of these and I don't need to worry about prepping a meal from scratch with various vegetables if I don't have the time.

Do you think these meals will help to encourage your baby to try more veggies than they do already?

Emma: Yes, it's a great way to try new veggies as my little one only has things that I would eat when I do baby led, I wouldn't eat things like courgette or aubergine so it's great for my baby to be able to eat these.

Kelly: Yes, due to its blend and variety of veg. My baby thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the butternut with beans.

Rebecca: Absolutely. The mixtures of vegetables create different tastes and will help them when trying different things.

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Are there any new flavours or ingredients that your baby hasn’t encountered before?

Kim: Yes, Aria hasn’t tried lentils before so it was brilliant to be able to introduce them so easily to see if she liked them. Also the creamy root vegetables, we have only tried chicken casserole pouches before.

Andrea: There are so many ingredients that my baby hadn't tried before, celery, parsnips, aubergine, oregano, and even things like rosemary and pepper - I wouldn't have even thought to use them. I have really enjoyed letting him explore all these different flavours for the first time and seeing him really love it. I have already started using some of these in our everyday dinners and not being afraid of just exploring and seeing what happens.

Laura: I don't think my baby had tried chickpeas before so that was new and I like the fact that it's blended in with other food I know he likes already.

What do you think of the different textures within the range?

Emma: It's good for babies to try different textures, my little one loves the different thin and thicker textures, although I'd rather feed him the thicker ones as with the thin ones I can't feed him fast enough!

Rebecca: The chicken and green veg were fine, the butternut was ok but clearly thicker. The lentil pot was very thick and even on warming the texture didn't change much. My baby didn't finish this pot, but it was the only one she didn't finish.

Kelly: I think this is encouraging because it's the right age to introduce this to babies. It helps them to be curious and try new veggies with different textures along with pulses.

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Do you prefer the pots over a pouch? If so why?

Louise: My initial thought was that a pouch is less messy if out and feeding on the go but was impressed with the lid etc and found it just as easy, and handy to put dirty wipes in after when out.

Misha: I really like the pots for the reusable purpose of them. I washed them and used them to store food that I have made for her. However I did find the pots a little more fiddly when out and about. The cardboard, layer of foil and the lid made it very time consuming when trying to feed my little girl.

Kim: Yes I feel like it is more of a meal and looks more like a bowl when feeding Aria. When she sees a pouch she wants to have it to squeeze everywhere. I also liked being able to see the colour and consistency of the food inside before I opened it. It was easy to pop the lid supplied back on.

Does the fact the pots are 100% recyclable appeal to you?  If so why?

Andrea: I love the fact that the pots are 100% recyclable and that they can be used over and over again. My little girl has already suggested using them as snack pots to pop into the bag which I thought was a great idea aswell.

Laura: Yes, I think a lot of baby food on the market could benefit from going this way. As they have a snap lid, they can also be reused at home before being recycled.

Rebecca: Yes, and I like that I can reuse them for snacks too. I also don't have to worry about figuring out which parts of the pot can go in my recycling bag.

Did your baby enjoy the foods?

Emma: My little boy really enjoyed the taste and texture of the Organix meals, they smelled nice as well to me, as some out there smell really bad!

Kelly: Yes my baby did enjoy the food, his favourite was the butternut with beans.

Misha: Yes she did, she loves her food generally but I did find with these she ate every last drop and the portion sizes where very generous which we both liked.

Find out more and see the full range of meals available.

The range can be purchased at Ocado and Asda.

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