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Leading UK baby brands Nuby and Piccolo are teaming up this National Weaning Week (3-9 May 2021) to promote a greener weaning experience.

Weaning Week brings together experts, brands and real families to offer help and support to make weaning as easy as possible.

Throughout the week, Nuby are set to run a special Instagram competition to giveaway five greener weaning bundles to parents.

These greener weaning bundles include Nuby's new eco-tableware range made of rice husk, and organic baby food pouches.

The green way to wean

Nuby’s new weaning set includes cutlery, a section plate, bowl and drinking tumbler. It is made of earth-friendly rice husk material, a natural by-product of rice farming, and comes in a cute frog design.

Ideal for any parent looking for practical and high performing weaning tableware, the innovative eco range is fully biodegradable and compostable - so it's great for the environment too!

The tableware has been designed to make it as easy as possible for parents to choose a greener tableware option for weaning, while being affordable, dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as BPA free.

Nuby Rice Husk Eco Section Plate

Rrp: $9.99

Price: $6.99

The Nuby Rice Husk Plate is suitable for weaning children aged 6 months plus. Compostable and Biodegradable, the plate is environmentally friendly as well as stylish and high performing. The plate is handily divided into sections so you can offer your little one different types of food to try, as the weaning journey begins! Made from 100 per cent natural Rice Husk, the plate is entirely dishwasher and microwave safe as well as being BPA and Toxin-free and is part of our Rice Husk Eco Tableware Range.

Review: "My little one LOVES the frog design. Perfect size and I love how the plate has three big portions! Really easy to clean and doesn't leave red food stains. Actually I was surprised with how hard wearing the set is and how smooth the rice husk is. I've already recommended to all my mamma friends. An amazing product for little ones and for the earth we are leaving for them one day!"

Nuby rice husk eco bowl

Rrp: $8.99

Price: $5.99

Weaning is an adventure for both parent and baby, and Nuby's Rice Husk Eco Bowl helps make it as hassle-free and sustainable as possible. Compostable and Biodegradable, the set is environmentally friendly as well as stylish and high performing - the fun frog design makes mealtimes a doddle! Suitable for little ones from six months old.

Review: "I bought the full rice husk range and each and every product has a great finish. Smoother and cleaner feeling than bamboo alternatives I have used. The size and depth of the bowl is great, frog eyes are a perfect handle for holding and aiding the little one."

Nuby Rice Husk Eco Fork u0026amp; Spoon

Rrp: $5.97

Price: $4.99

This Rice Husk Eco Fork and Spoon Set is suitable for use from 12 months old and is comfortable and easy for small hands to hold - perfect for little ones starting to eat on their own. There is also a handy pack of three spoons available in the same eco range, ideal for purees.

Review: "I bought these for my little boy who is just learning to feed himself. They are a great size for his little hands and he loves his 'big boy' cutlery! He is doing so much better feeding himself than he has with other cutlery we have tried. I love the fact that once hes done with them they will biodegrade! They are lovely quality and the frog design is so cute. Would definitely recommend."

Nuby Rice Husk Eco Tumbler

Rrp: $5.99

Price: $4.99

The Nuby Rice Husk Tumbler is suitable for children aged 18 months plus, and is perfect for the transition from the Rice Husk Two Handled Cup. Just the right size for little hands, this is the ideal product for the next step in your little one's weaning development, as the open cup promotes good oral motor skills.

Review: "I have been looking for a cup to transition my little boy from his sippy cup. This is perfect - he loves the frog design and I'm really happy to find something that isn't plastic! It's the perfect size, he has taken to using it really well and it is his new favourite cup."

Nuby Rice Husk Eco Two-Handled Cup

Rrp: $8.99

Price: $6.99

Suitable for children aged 4 months plus, this sippy cup is perfect for the start of the weaning journey. The free-flow cup is ideal for little hands and can also be used without the free-flow spout, ready for the transition to an open cup.

Review: "I ordered this cup for my son and it’s brilliant. I love the cute frog design and the fact it’s environmentally friendly and good for the planet. Most of all, especially in my house, I love that it is drop proof!"

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