Radio1Xtra DJ Target and wife Eva Joseph launch Astronaut food for babies

Eden's Bloom Baby Food

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With weaning week just passed and mums eager to feed toddlers healthy first-foods, this unusual new baby food brand caught our attention. Founders of Eden's Bloom Baby Food Eva and Darren Joseph, who you'll know as Radio1Xtra's DJ Target are leading a new trend – wait for it – Astronaut food for babies! It seems weird but wonderful, and we think health-savvy parents who want no-fuss ways to feed their little ones might like to step onboard.

The idea is that the pouches contain freeze-dried blended ingredients, a clever process of preservation which locks the highest nutritional value into the food. But the best bit is that all you have to do is add water and stir to create a yummy power-puree with all-natural ingredients that looks and tastes homemade. It genuinely is 'nutrition made easy' for your growing tot.

in case you were wondering, freeze-drying food isn't a new thing. Astronauts, adventurers and even pet owners have enjoyed the convenience and nutritional benefits of freeze-dried food. You don't have to worry about safety either because freeze-drying has been proven to preserve the most nutrients over dehydrating and canning foods. In fact, when NASA improved methods for freeze-drying food shortly after astronauts began eating it in 1965, the dried food industry began adopting it too.

Eva and Darren's story

As a full-time working mum, Eva wanted to create healthy, nutritient-rich homemade food for her little one, but like many working mums she struggled to find the time. Being a health-conscious eater herself, shop-bought pouches and jars didn't interest her at all. Eva says, “The idea of giving my daughter an off-the-shelf pouch just didn’t sit right with me". She comments on the lack of flavour and the fact that all nutrients are destroyed because baby purees have to be heated at such high temperatures in order to preserve them and extend their shelf-life.

Eva wanted her baby to have as natural a diet as possible, but spending hours in the kitchen after work batch-cooking homemade food to mash, puree and freeze just wasn't practical. Darren says "After our own journey weaning our little one, we knew there was a real need for a convenient yet healthy option that both mums and dads could easily prepare.” They spent two years perfecting their yummy, nutrient-packed food pouches and looked to a community of parents for feedback along the way.

What's inside Eden's Bloom baby food pouches?

Designed to save parents time, Eden's Bloom baby food pouches provide a nutrient-dense meal with no need for refridgeration or reheating. We think the pouches are perfect for feeding weaning babies on-the-go. They offer limitless combinations too, so your little one can discover a vast range of different flavours and cuisines – and you won't have to deal with a fussy eater as they get older. You can combine pouches together or add them to other foods as you wish.

All products are allergen-free – which includes peanuts, fish, nuts, milk, egg, wheat, shellfish, soybean, and crustaceans. They are plant-based and all pouches contain natural ingredients that prioritise gut health, complex flavours, and healthy development.

There's no need to worry about added salt or sugar, hidden preservatives or any other nasties either. All you get in the pouches are 100 per cent natural ingredients and Eden's Bloom have ensured that you'll find all of the vital building blocks for infant growth including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A & vitamin C locked inside.

The Range

There are 12 recipes in the range made using premium whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. These are freeze-dried into complete meal pouches that target three different stages of your baby's development and weaning journey.

Smooth purees designed for first tastes...

The Stage 1 Variety Pack is suitable from 6 months and contains one of each of the following:

- Apple, banana and moringa
- Apple, broccoli, spinach and baobab
- Strawberry, beetroot and apple
- Banana, mango, pineapple and coconut

Adds some texture and more flavours...

The Stage 2 Variety Pack is suitable from 9 months and contains one of each of the following:

- Carrot, mango and baobab
- Caribbean stew
- Sweet and sour
- Potato, broccoli and sweetcorn

Full flavours and textures for adventurous toddlers...

The Stage 2 Variety Pack is suitable from 12 months and contains one of each of the following:

- Pumpkin and sage risotto
- Tagine
- Thai green curry
- Chilli con carne

You can buy them all from and the pouches are priced from £2.45 per meal.

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