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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the SilverCross Voyager Co-Sleeper.

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Silver Cross Voyager

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What were your initial thoughts of the Voyager Co-Sleeper?

Georgina: The Co-Sleeper was stylish and looked appealing, perhaps a little minimalist for me personally, although the grey colour was modern and looked great in my bedroom! It was easy to put together and although I haven’t used it for travel, it seems like a great choice for holidays as it folds away easily. I loved the different height positions and thought that this was better than some other cribs on the market as the Voyager had so many different options/inclines which really benefitted my baby who suffers from reflux. The handy carry bag was a nice touch and was also stylish.

Hayley: My initial thoughts on the Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper are that it is a quality made item, very easy to assemble/dissemble, visually appealing and a good sized co-sleeper.

Ifty: Very easy to set up and ideal for the first few months of your child's life. Loved it, it was so convenient with my daughter constantly waking up during the night. Once set up it felt very sturdy and comfortable.

What is your favourite feature of the Voyager Co-Sleeper and why?

Tracie: Our favourite feature of the Voyager was the portability of it. We live in a bungalow and had previously been carrying our wooden crib from the living room to the bedroom every night.  However the wheels on the crib and the lightweight frame meant it could easily be pushed by one person between the two rooms, even on carpet. It easily fit down our hall and turned well around corners. The wheels could also be locked as well to prevent it from moving. The fact that the crib folded down easily by removing the storage shelf and moving the legs in was great and meant we could use it as a travel cot when we stopped in hotels on nights away. We did find that it may not have been practical to be carrying the crib a great distance due to the weight but the short distance from the car to the room was fine. It could also be easily stored when folded up and even fit on our loft.

Ifty: The fact the it comes up to the bed and you don't have to get out of bed to check on your little one. You can just bring the little one towards you rather than getting up when you're already drained.

Lauren: The shelf is our favourite feature, it's ideal for storing spare items such as muslins and changes of clothes when the baby is not sleeping in their own room.

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Did you use the incline setting?

Abbie: The incline setting has to be one of my favourite features so far, it is very easy and smooth to use, with a setting on each side of the crib to adjust one or both sides depending on your preference. The incline setting makes it very easy to lean over to your child when he/she is crying, needs feeding or to check on.

Georgina: I did use the incline as my little one seems to suffer from reflux and this was a great feature to have, I didn’t want my baby to lay flat and so the different settings were super useful to put her at an incline to ease any discomfort. The incline was greater than other co-sleepers I have seen so this was a great feature.

Hayley: I really like the tilt option, as my baby sleeps better on a slight tilt, he has transitioned well from his previous co-sleeper to this particular model and sleeps very well and looks comfortable. This can be adjusted to different levels of tilt you require it to do for your baby, and it is very easy to do so.

How easy was the Voyager Co-Sleeper to fit to your bed?

Tracie: We tended to use the voyager as a stand alone next to our bed. We did try the strap though and found it easy to set up with small slits in the bottom of the crib which the fastener fit through and connected to the strap. We have a king size bed and the strap fit easily around it. The mesh in the sides of the fabric meant I could easily lean over and peer through to check on baby rather than looking over the top and disturbing her. I found the drop down side was very easy to unzip and let down. As I was using the crib mostly as a stand alone I did remove the piece of corrugated plastic from inside the mesh which would otherwise have provided an edge if using the crib attached to the bed.

Abbie: The Voyager Co-Sleeper was very quick and easy to attach to our bed, With the seven adjustable heights to choose from making the crib on the same level as our bed. The safety belts which simply wrap around your bed frame and clips back onto your co-sleeper puts my mind to rest knowing my baby is safe throughout the night close by and unable to tip over, now my child is moving more throughout the night.

Lauren: The co sleeper was easy to assemble and fit to the bed. However, having to feed the clips that are attached to the mattress base through very small holes in the bottom of the bed was rather fiddly. Were these clips directly attached to the outside it would make assembly easier. There is also nowhere to store the tails of the (very long) straps that hold it to the bed, so they just had to lie on the floor.

Would you recommend the Voyager Co-Sleeper to other parents and why?

Georgina: I would definitely recommend this product to other parents. I really enjoyed the different height settings, the options to have it attached to the bed or free standing and I also enjoyed the quality of the mattress. Overall, I though the product looked good although it would benefit from more of a basket underneath to store sheets etc as I thought the shelf underneath made things look a little messy in my bedroom.

Misha: I would recommend the Voyager to other parents, it was very easy to fit onto the bed, it was very modern looking and I loved the wheels. The main reason I'd recommend it is my daughter slept so well in it, which meant a happy mum!

Ashleigh: I would definitely recommend the Voyager for numerous reasons: it's lightweight so easily transportable, has breathable mesh sides so you can see your baby from the bed without needing to disturb them. The tilt function is brilliant for easing breathing and I also colic, which luckily this baby hasn't had but my previous ones did and I think this cot would have made a huge difference!

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