Tried&Tested: Joie roomie go bedside crib


by Stephanie Anthony |

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Meet the travel bedside crib that keeps baby close whether you’re at home or away. It folds down easily into one compact package that’s perfect for both taking along on big adventures and tucking away into small spaces.

Here's what our parent testers thought...


Quick, compact, portable

The roomie go quickly folds down into one tiny package – no struggling or disassembling involved. It’s compact and lightweight so you can easily take it along on your travels or tuck it away into small boots and cupboards.

Mum Charlotte says: "The instructions were clear, and the assembly is fairly self explanatory once unboxed. It's easy to transport and not too heavy or awkward to carry. It is brilliant that the legs just fold out. With a newborn baby there is limited time and it took very little time to install the roomie go. I did watch the youtube video on the Joie page prior to receiving the cot which was really clear and useful."

Tester Amelia said: "Wow it was so easy! I’ve never used a bedside crib before as I thought they were too faffy but how I was wrong. It was literally up within 4 clicks. The instructions were so simple and easy to follow."

Mum Zoe says: "I would give this 10 out of 10 for ease! This was extremely quick and easy to install with only a few steps required. You simply have to fold out the legs and raise the sides and the travel cot is ready to use. It couldn’t be easier!"

Emma says: "Coming with a travel bag is so handy and it removes any worries about baby sleeping in a different bed as well as a different environment if you are staying elsewhere. The option for continuity is reassuring."

Close for comfort

Sleeping safely side by side without sharing a bed makes parent-baby bonding a dream. With your little one snugly in arm’s reach, you can easily feed, cuddle, and soothe baby from the comfort of your bed.

Tester Oliva says: "Being able to have my baby next to me, where I can see him, really helps to reduce my anxiety - I wish I had bought one when my baby was newborn."

Julia says: "My baby was very comfortable and secure and slept incredibly well from the first nap. She even slept through the night on her first night away from home!"

Hannah said: "My baby slept really well in the roomie go. The mattress was firm and secure. The mesh sides meant she could be close to me but also stay safe. Also the size of the sleeping area meant my baby had sufficient space without feeling overwhelmed by too much open space."

Mum Zoe said: "My son seemed really comfortable in the roomie go, the mattress was substantial and he had the same amount of room as he has in his cot at home. He slept as normal and this did not impact his sleep pattern at all. It had a really positive impact on our trip away and we'll continue to use this for future trips or stays with family. It massively reduces the stress of trying to squeeze everything in a car as it is compact and easy to transport."

Lift and lower side

The sliding side panels lift and lower with just one hand, helping you answer those midnight wake-up calls smoothly even when you’re half asleep.

Tester Julia said: "Having both sides sliding is genius and means you don’t have to move the bed at all in put down transfer or when you get up at night."

Mum Ellie said: "I found it very easy to slide the panels down to get baby out for night feeds and to just settle. They were a little stiff the first few uses but got smoother the more we used them. It saved getting up and leaning over to get baby out. I wished I had this in those first few weeks when you're recovering from labour.

Charlotte says: "The sliding panels were a really useful addition to the cot. I would be reluctant to purchase a cot without this feature. It made putting the baby back in the cot much smoother and successful (especially when transferring her while she was asleep!)"

Mum Hannah said: "Night feeding was so much easier to handle with the sliding sides. They were very easy and quiet to slide up and down."

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