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The CuddleCo collection of premium cot and cot bed mattresses are expertly designed to ensure a night of safe and soothing sleep for your little one. The range offers a variety of mattress types to choose from, including pocket sprung and natural rubber latex mattresses carefully crafted to put comfort first. There are also hypoallergenic mattresses available that help provide your child with the best protection possible from common household allergens whilst they sleep.

The Mother&Baby Gold Collection baby and toddler cot mattresses provide your baby with a cleaner, fresher and healthier sleep environment. It is a popular choice in our cot bed mattress range.

Mother&Baby First Gold Anti-Allergy Foam Cot Bed Mattress 140 x 70cm - £79.99

 The Anti-Allergy Foam Mattress uses the perfect combination of nature’s finest TENCEL™ fibres and Purotex® for anti-allergy protection.

Purotex® is a revolutionary technology based on microcapsules filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are 100% natural and organic. Tests and scientific studies show that Purotex® improves allergy symptoms by reducing house dust mite allergens by 93.7%, cat hair allergens by 92.8% and dog hair allergens by 66.7%, ensuring your baby is safe while they sleep.

This anti-allergy cot mattress measures 140x70cm and features a removable waterproof membrane. The membrane sits underneath the cover and on top of the mattress base between the layers, allowing you to protect the mattress inside without the need for a waterproof sheet. This means your little one benefits from the Purotex® anti-allergy protection and keeps the mattress interior clean from bacteria.

Mother&Baby Organic Gold Chemical Free Cot Mattress 120 x 60cm - £249.99

This “Pure & Organic” naturally breathable and hypo-allergenic cot mattress is 100% free from chemicals.

The Mother&Baby Organic Gold mattress lets you pass the kindness of nature over to your new baby to give them a cleaner and comfier sleep environment. It is one of our most popular products in our range of cot mattresses.

Mother&Baby combined their extensive experience with the purest of natural fibres to create the Pure and Organic Gold Anti Allergy Mattress.

It is dual-sided for longevity and support as your baby develops and grows, and provides a combination of natural herringbone cotton, natural coir, pocket springs, natural latex and pure lambswool to give you peace of mind.

View more of our range today, including bamboo foam, foam, pocket sprung, bamboo sprung and organic mattresses. Prices start from as low as £44.99.


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