5 baby sleep apps for a better bedtime

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You've changed them, fed them,burped them, done everything the books tell you and yet. they're still crying. Yep, every parent is well-acquainted with the 'restless baby'.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as noises in a room that make a difference, so we've listed some of the best baby sleep apps that you can download that can help your baby sleep.

From white noise to lullabies, you can even track your little ones sleep to help get them into a good routine!

Best baby sleep apps:


Best baby sleep apps

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1) The Best Baby Tracker, Free, Apple Store

A personal favourite, this app has everything you will ever need as a parent. You can record feeding times, nappy changes, medical information such as weight, height, and even track your babys sleep. Everything has to be input manually, but the sleep recorder acts as a timer and you stop it when your little one wakes up. This app is simply perfect for parents.

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2) White Noise Baby, Free, Google Play

White noise can help little ones sleep by blocking out other noise distractions and helps to relax and reduce stress. With a wide range of noises to choose from, this app will not only help your baby fall asleep, but stay asleep too with the built-in baby monitor, (win!). Offers in-app purchases.

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3) Baby Connect, £4.99, Apple Store

Stay connected with your baby's day even when you're at the office or your little ones having a sleepover at grandma's house. All information stored on this app can be shared with who you want share it with and it also allows them to update it too. With this app you can track feeds, medical visits, sleep and much more!

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4) Sound Sleeper: White noise, Free, Apple Store

With a large selection of white noise, lullabies and sounds of nature to choose from, this app will play sounds when it hears a cry. It has three modes, one which helps your baby fall tp sleep, the 'listen mode' which helps your baby stay asleep and also a sleep tracker mode which can help enable good sleeping habits.
Also available on Googe Play.

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5) Baby Sleep Pro, £1.69, Googe Play

Baby Sleep Pro helps little ones fall asleep with the help of classic monotonous sounds. This app is approved by parents and also offers in-app purchases that enable you to access longer playback sounds.

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