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Back in March, we spoke to Joie to discover the new features of their new infant carrier, i-Jemini, and to find out more about the latest car seat safety regulation, ECE R129.

So, what exactly does ECE R129 mean?

The ECE R129/03 safety standard is the most advanced and up-to-date child safety regulation in the UK & Europe. It requires rigorous side impact testing with advanced dummy testing and now fits children in their car seat based on height rather than weight – which is a lot safer for them (and intuitive for parents!)

i-Size certified is an enhancement of ECE R129, which means that it’s guaranteed to fit correctly into any i-Size vehicle, making it easier to select a compatible seat and install in your vehicle.

Watch the video below to discover more…’

More about the i-Jemini

This posh yet practical infant carrier meets the highest ECE R129 standard with i-Size certification and is trimmed with our most luxurious details, so you can stick to your budget without compromising safety or style.

Treat baby to triple safety – superior safety meets first class comfort: Joie’s Tri-Protect™ headrest features 3 layers of force-absorbing cushions with memory foam that protect baby’s fragile head and neck and offers luxurious cosiness.

Part of the Encore Spinning System™ - Pair with the i-Base™ Encore to instantly transform your i-Jemini™ infant carrier into a 90° spinning car seat. The ultra-smooth one-hand spin turns the seat towards you so that buckling even the squirmiest baby is a breeze. Keep the i-Base™ Encore in your backseat when it’s time to graduate to the next-stage seat in the spinning system, and enjoy years of easy ins and outs.

For more information about R129 and car seat safety, watch our car seat safety video with Joie.

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