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Vital Baby leads the way in at home and on-the-go sterilisation, with their maxi – and now mini – UV sterilisers.

Forget water, heat and chemicals, UV is the answer! Using the latest UV LED technology and design innovation, the award-winning NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser & dryer range from Vital Baby kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 7 minutes – blowing competitors out of the water with a sterilise and dry time of just 29 minutes.

This award-winning product sits neatly on any counter-top and is both efficient and versatile – suitable for use with a wide range of items – from bottles, teats, soothers, toys and breast pumps to small accessories, mobile phones, keys, cosmetic brushes and more…

And now here comes the brand NEW advanced pro UV mini steriliser making germ-busting on-the-go easy! A mini version of the brand’s counter-top steriliser, this pocket-sized device has a ‘grab and go’ strap which can be attached to a pushchair or bag and will kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mould in just 49 seconds!

vital baby mini uv steriliser

It takes just 50 minutes to fully charge the internal battery and will then work for 130 sterilising cycles before it needs recharging. It is also energy efficient, with long-lasting UV LEDs. This mighty but mini product is all set to this year’s must-have travel and family-fun accessory.

The Power of UV

Both products use the latest in UV technology; a diamond reflective surface housed in the lid, which helps bounce the UV light effectively for ultra-fast sterilisation. It uses no water, no chemicals and no heat and is proven to be an effective way to kill 99.99% of bacteria, mould and viruses without the fuss of conventional sterilisers.

vital baby UV steriliser APUV cutout

With an RRP: £129.99 for the large and £24.99 for the mini, find out more and check out availability at

Who is Vital Baby?

Vital Baby is a family-run UK business with over 45 years’ experience in the baby industry. They listen to what parents want and build this into their products. They have won 118 awards across the Vital Baby range since their re-brand in 2019 and sell products to customers across the globe. Their ambition is to be parent’s first port-of-call for trusted baby products – anytime, anywhere.

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