The best child safety products for your bathroom

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Keep your little one safe from potential accidents in the bathroom with our pick of safety and bath time products that will give you peace of mind.


Best child safety products for your bathroom

Munchkin Non-Slip Grip Dots1 of 9

Munchkin Non-Slip Grip Dots

Get a grip on bath time with Grippy Dots that stick to the base of the bath to avoid your little one slipping or sliding.

Munchkin's Grippy Dots even have White Hot technology to warn you when the water is getting too hot. Suitable for 36 months.

Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer2 of 9

Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer

Not only does the Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer make the ultimate bath time companion for your tot, this little fellow is also a bath and room thermometer, so you can monitor the water temperature for your little one to make sure it's within the recommended 36-38°C range.

The Tappy Tap Guard3 of 9

The Tappy Tap Guard

The Tappy Tap Guard protects tots during bath time by cushioning and insulating hard bath taps and preventing any accidental bangs or scalds – and they’re fun to look at too! Made from Neoprene, which is naturally insulating, the tap guards are suitable for children from six months to six years.

Baby baths4 of 9

Baby baths

A safe, supportive baby bath is vital for newborns and growing tots. There are a huge array of different baby bathing options, from slings and tubs to bathing seats once your little one can sit up. See our dedicated baby baths guide for our product picks.

Koo-di Bath Tap Protector5 of 9

Koo-di Bath Tap Protector

This fun spotty tap protector not only stops your baby scalding themselves on hot taps or hitting their heads, the dots also change colour to indicate temperature. Genius!

Dreambaby Toilet Lock6 of 9

Dreambaby Toilet Lock

A bathroom essential when you have little ones, the Dreambaby Toilet Lock is secure and stops children from opening toilet lids when not in use.

Clippasafe Drawcord Shorteners7 of 9

Clippasafe Drawcord Shorteners

Keep your hairdryer and other bathroom appliances safely out of reach of your baby’s curious fingers by either placing then in a locked cupboard when not in use or safely out of reach using drawcord shorteners.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Temperature Changing Bath Mat8 of 9

Fisher Price Precious Planet Temperature Changing Bath Mat

This colourful Fisher Price bath mat helps prevent baby or child from slipping in bath. The cleverly designed mat shows 'Too Hot’ text, allowing parents to be sure that the temperature of the bath water is safe.

Splash n’ Bump Bath Bumper Set9 of 9

Splash n’ Bump Bath Bumper Set

This set of four bath bumpers helps to make bath time fun safer, allowing your baby to enjoy the freedom of the big bath.

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