9 important tips for keeping your little ones safe on Instagram

by Fi Star-Stone |
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Babies and toddlers are adorable - they are funny and the moments come fast. The bath-time splash with the bottom on show, the adorable photo of your toddler on a potty half-naked as they try for their first wee, these are photos for the memory bank, the family album, but are they really photos for social media? That quick snapshot and all the others like it, create a 'digital footprint’ for your little one that forms the beginnings of their identity in the online world.

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While those pictures are so very cute and funny now, that baby who is now a teenager, might not appreciate these early photos of their life online.

A 'sharent' - a parent that shares their family life online, pretty much describes most parents in 2018, myself included, but with more and more parents posting videos, photos and stories about their children, how safe is it, and what can we do to keep our little ones safe in the big world wide web?

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