How To Boost Your Baby’s Physical Development Through Play

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Whether you’re wanting to help your baby learn to crawl or encourage some dexterity in those tiny hands, play could be your best ally

When your baby reaches another milestone, chances are you’ll be as chuffed as him. Seeing your baby master a new skill – and be suitably proud – is a very exciting moment for every mum. No wonder we’re always keen to help them on their way and push them that little bit further.

Of course, the trick is to make it seem like one great big game. Just as crouching by the side of a small baby on a playmat and shaking a rattle will make him turn his head and encourage him to take his first roll, so too does creating any incentive for getting your baby to try out a new move. In those first months, get your baby grabbing for toys in his baby bouncer or swing by holding them just a little out of reach.

Remember, the more he’s likely to win the game, the more he’ll want to play.

Once he’s learned to grasp, you’ll have a great bartering tool for those bigger physical milestones – getting on the move. Don’t worry too much about how he does this – who says the forward crawl is a more effective way of getting around than the bum shuffle anyway?

Just hold his favourite toy a few inches out of his grasp and watch him figure out just which ingenious ways will work to get him to his destination. Once he’s tried for a couple of minutes reunite him with his toy – it’s the taking part that counts after all. And once he understands what a fun game you’ve created for him, he’ll carry on wanting to play until he’s on the move!

Certain products can also help encourage physical development like the Fisher-Price Sit to Stand Giraffe, to help your little one reach that first stage, and then a walker like the Stroll- Along Walker for your baby’s first steps!

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