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by Stephanie Anthony |

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Whether your little one is a newborn or at that adventurous toddler age, doll and role play have an array of benefits for young children. From the moment your child is born, an introduction to doll play at an early age can aid your baby’s brain development and help to build their understanding of the world and their environment.

Baby Annabell, the UK’s leading nurturing doll brand, has a doll for everyone at every age group. With the brand celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, Baby Annabell has established a strong heritage in creating dolls and accessories that are designed to take children through all the different phases of their childhood, and to create an abundance of special moments.

Doll and role play are instrumental in engaging babies’ senses. Sensory input is the very first way your baby interacts with the world - and for newborns, sensory stimulation plays an important part in your baby’s development.

The benefits of sensory play are endless: From building nerve connections in the brain’s pathways - helping your child to complete complex tasks later in life, to enabling children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, language abilities, social interaction and communication capabilities.

baby annabell newborn doll

There’s a multitude of ways you can engage your baby’s senses through doll play. The Baby Annabell Sweetie for Babies (suitable from birth), is perfect in helping children explore new textures and to stimulate feelings of comfort. What’s more, the little ears on the doll’s hat are great for babies to test their grab reflex. The Sweetie for Babies’ integrated rattle is also brilliant at auditory exploration and to aid in the development of your baby’s hearing sense.

As your child grows into toddlerhood, their level of engagement of the world around them will increase, and therefore deeper levels of interaction are needed via sensory experience to build your child’s attention span.

The Baby Annabell Little Annabell, Sophia and Alexander (suitable for ages 1 and over), are designed to provide many tactile benefits by immersing doll play in all aspects of your child’s world. Little ones can build their communication skills through talking with their Little Baby Annabell or Alexander, helping to build your child’s confidence and lower their frustrations. By taking care of their doll with nurturing tasks and replicating everyday routines, little ones will also start to reach emotional milestones, developing sympathy, empathy and compassion.

Doll play at an early toddler age can also help in achieving physical milestones. The Little range from Baby Annabell at 36cm in size, is designed to be easy to grasp and carry around. Whether your child is brushing the luscious locks of Little Sophia, or dressing his or her’s Little doll in a variety of Baby Annabell outfits, there’s never-ending fun to be had!

To shop Baby Annabell’s range of dolls and accessories, visit the official Baby Annabell website.

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