Fun activities for 6 month old’s you can do at home

by Emily Gilbert |
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Your baby is learning so much at this important stage of their lives, and as they come up to the 6 month mark, you'll notice they're becoming a lot more alert, with plenty of gurgling, babbling, laughing, smiling and moving their limbs a lot.

To encourage your baby to reach all of these important development milestones, play is very important. Not only will it improve your bond with your baby through interaction and connection, but they'll also love these new games and activities.

To give you a little inspiration, we've put together some simple, easy and free play ideas suitable for 6 month olds for you to have a go at at home.

1. Sensory bags


Sensory play is brilliant for encouraging your babies development. A sensory bag is a super easy

2. Peeling tape


It may sound very simple and boring, but peeling tape from surfaces is very stimulating for little

3. Catch a duck


Fill a large bucket up with water and some blue food colouring to make it brighter for your little

4. Stick on balls


Use a sheet of sticky back paper, either laid flat on the floor or stuck or hung up on a wall and

5. Ice cube tray activities


Developing their pincer grip is so important, and incorporating an ice cube tray into this

6. Food games


Help them get to know their food with some sensory food play. Colour some fusilli pasta with

7. Bubbles


What tot doesn't love bubbles? If the weather is nice enough (and not too windy), head outdoors

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