Looking to start using nursing pads?

Looking to start using nursing pads?

by Maria Martin |
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We've teamed up with Lansinoh to bring your attention to their disposable and washable nursing pads. Digital Editor Maria Martin shares her experience.

As a breastfeeding mum myself, I had used a few nursing pads at the beginning of my journey. Mainly whichever affordable disposable pads I could find from the supermarket. As the first month went by, I found myself doing more research and trying to find the best pads, as I wasn't giving my breasts the love and attention they needed. I started thinking about my body, how much I was leaking, what cream to use for my sore nipples...

I found I was most prone to leaking during the first 3-4 months of breastfeeding my, now 16-month-old, son, Parker. Looking back, Parker was feeding 7-10 times a day and let's not count the cluster feeding where he would be latched on for 2-3 hours at a time.

I needed the best nipple cream and breastfeeding pads, ASAP. So I started on Amazon, searching for reviews. Before the breast pads, came the cream, which I desperately needed. I came across Lansinoh's HPA Lanolin cream. Now to be honest, when I saw the price I was taken back, however, the reviews said you didn't need to use much per use, it lasted forever and it was a lifesaver. That it was! I used 1 tube for the entire first 6 months. It was £10.99 VERY well spent! My nipples were sore, I was in intervals of pain at various hours of the day. I wanted to keep breastfeeding and the cream helped. A lot!

Then after using the cream, came the breast pads. After the miracle Lansinoh cream, I looked into more of their products. So I picked up some disposable nursing pads. These were also game-changers. Seriously, I would recommend Lansinoh to all my friends. The pads were soft, super well made, curved around my breasts comfortably and most importantly kept me dry. I would leak a lot of breastmilk and some of the supermarket brands weren't keeping the milk in, the pads would also get heavy. However, the Lansinoh ones sucked the leakage in well and made me feel great again.

Best of all Lansinoh's disposable nursing pads weren't visible through my bra/top. Some of the supermarket brands were not as ergonomically made, that they would create an extra bump/crease through my top. Lansinoh's pads contoured perfectly around my breast, no matter what size they were, from being full and tight with milk to the softer days. From a personal point of view, I'll say it again, I would recommend Lansinoh's pads to any friend of mine, they're top-notch.

Here's some more information on the nursing pads and the washable pads:

Lansinoh's Disposable Nursing Pads – RRP £5.99

Lansinoh’s Disposable Nursing Pads are designed to be comfortable, ultra-absorbent and naturally contoured to fit all breast sizes. They help to breastfeed mums stay dry throughout the day and night with their ultra-absorbency layer. Designed with blue lock technology to quickly absorb breastmilk to keep mum feeling dry and fresh. The pads are dermatologically tested super soft for sensitive skin and hold their shape even with the heaviest flow. These are a great daytime pad.

"Did you know… most new mums will use up to 2.5 pairs of breast pads per day in your first few weeks of breastfeeding? Protect yourself with our Blue-Lock core technology, that absorbs your breastmilk leaving you dry and making sure you don’t leak."

Lansinoh's Washable Nursing Pads – RRP £6.99

Lansinoh’s convenient, easy-care washable nursing pads are designed to be ultra-absorbent to provide leak-proof protection after each wash. The unique tear-drop design moulds to the shape of the breast, offering a comfortable fit for breastfeeding mums. The pads contain a super-soft fabric layer meaning they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The washable pads are a suitable alternative from the disposables, and are best used as nighttime nursing pads. Although that's not to say they can't be used during the day, too.

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