6 Foods Your Baby Needs To Eat This Winter

by Samantha Ball |
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We all know that – to some extent – we are what we eat. So what can you feed your baby to make sure he stays healthy and happy during the winter months?

Before you get carried away whizzing around the supermarket with a trolley stacked high with comfort food, it’s a good idea to think about what foods your baby will be eating this winter.

Seasonal changes are a fantastic time to introduce some new foods into his diet. Plus making sure his diet is filled with nutritious and vitamin-packed items may just cut the risk that your baby gets another cold.

Forest fruits/mixed berries

Berries are appealing to a baby because of their natural sweetness. Plus, they’re oozing with goodness.

‘These colourful fruits are packed with nutrients to help your baby get through a cold winter,’ says Charlotte Stirling-Reed, founder of SR Nutrition. ‘And they include high numbers of antioxidants as well as plenty of vitamin C to boost your baby's immune system and help ward off any illnesses.’

Mix them into porridge for a warming breakfast or yoghurt for a delicious dessert.

Sweet potato

A nice change to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes can be fried, grilled, boiled, pureed – basically treated like a regular potato. But there are extra benefits…

‘Not only is this a delicious food and a favourite for many babies but it also is high in vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre making them the perfect winter fuel for your baby,’ Charlotte explains.

Add them to dinners such as soup or offer cooked sweet potato as a finger food to encourage self-feeding.


Kale is a great food for babies to eat. It’s super-nutritious and ideal for pureeing.

‘This wonder-food contains iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, all which are essential for good immune function,’ says Charlotte.

The flavour can be strong at first, so get your baby used to it gradually, combining it with sweet flavours like bananas and sweet potatoes.


If you’re bringing up your baby as a vegetarian, lentils are a really great way for him to have his fill of iron.

‘Iron is essential for healthy blood and a top-notch immune system for your baby,’ Charlotte says.

Adding lentils to a puree will give your baby that boost of Vitamin C he needs to fight off a cold.

If you’re bringing up your baby as a vegetarian, lentils are a really great way for him to have his fill of iron

Organic turkey

Wondering whether your weaning baby can partake in the family Christmas meal? He can – and should!

‘It’s a great time to get your little one to try meat if you are weaning around this time,’ Charlotte advises. Bursting with protein, meat will keep your baby’s energy levels up and will help his growth and development.

Cut up the turkey into little pieces for him to eat with his hands.


Whether you love them or not, sprouts are very easy (and cheap) to buy in the winter months making it an ideal time for your tot to try them.

‘Sprouts have a very distinct taste but it is always a good idea to offer your baby a variety of tastes and flavours from a young age,’ says Charlotte. ‘Remember that just because they may not like a food initially, it doesn't mean they won't ever like it so keep trying every now and then.’

Keep trying, increasing the intensity and he’ll soon be loving any ingredient.

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What’s your baby’s favourite weaning ingredient?

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