The best nipple shields for breastfeeding

The best nipple shields for breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding isn’t always the easiest journey and when you have incredibly sore or cracked nipples it can be hard to carry on without some support.

Nipple shields are the perfect way to carry on breastfeeding as they protect nipples while still letting your little one feel close to you when feeding. With a range of different shapes and styles, there are nipple shields suitable for any mum and baby. If you’re struggling to get your baby to latch, nipple shields can help support them and encourage them to breastfeed without causing more stress to nipples.

From butterfly shapes that allow more skin to skin contact to anti-colic shields, help your breastfeeding journey last longer by giving your sore nipples a break, while still keeping that bond by feeding your little one.

The best nipple shields for breastfeeding


Complete with a convenient storage case, these nipple shields are designed for maximum skin to skin contact. Made from soft and ultra-thin silicone, the shields offer relief from sore nipples while still allowing your little one to latch on as normal.

Best butterfly nipple shields

The butterfly shape of the nipple shields allows babies to be able to feel and smell mum’s skin when breastfeeding. They can be used from birth and are designed to help protect sore nipples during breastfeeding, which allows you to breastfeed for longer. The soft silicone has a breast-like feel as well.

Best contact nipple shields

Available in different sizes, the special contour allows for maximum contact between baby and mother when breastfeeding. The shields offer relief for cracked, sore or inverted nipples and they can also help with latching difficulties. The soft silicone is also odourless and tasteless for your baby.

Best silicone nipple shields
Haakaa Nipple Shield

Rrp: $12.99

Price: $10.39
Alternative retailers
Target$12.49View offer

The unique shape of this shield allows for more skin contact between mum and baby. It's super thin and soft plus it's perfect for latching difficulties or flat and inverted nipples to continue breastfeeding your little one.

Best nipple shields for sensitive skin
NUK Silicone Nipple Shields with Storage Box, Pack of 2
Price: $24.62

With different surface structures, the soft, thin silicone makes feeding feel natural and encourages milk flow. The special triangle shape also offers skin to skin contact with baby, helping to keep your little one comforted. These nipple shields are specifically designed to protect sensitive nipples when breastfeeding.

Best tulip nipple shields

The special tulip shape enables the baby to have maximum contact with mum and the breast when feeding. The shield helps to assist with sucking or latching problems and also supports pain-free breastfeeding by protecting and relieving stressed nipples.

Best premium nipple shields
purifyou Premium Nipple Shield
Price: $26.56

This set of 3 premium silicone nipple shields are non-toxic, latex-free and worry-free. When breastfeeding becomes a struggle with sore or cracked nipples, the shields assist at the most difficult moments, including latching problems and flat or inverted nipples. The shields also come with a cotton, drawstring bag to take them on the go.

Best standard nipple protectors
Philips Avent SCF156/01 nipple protectors - 2 pack, u00a37.50
Price: $15.71

Avoid sore nipples when breastfeeding as these protectors mean baby can easily latch without causing more pain to your nipples. They’re shaped to allow skin contact so your little one can still feel and smell mum’s skin, whilst also stimulating milk supply until your nipples have healed.

To help soothe sore nipples, you may also want to try silver nipple cups. These help your sore nipples to recover thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of silver and are designed to be worn between feeds.

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