What’s your baby’s personality, according to their star sign

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Your baby’s star sign can influence his character and future from the moment they're born…


Baby horoscope

Aries1 of 12

Aries (21st March - 20th April)

Aries babies are very adventurous, have lots of energy and he’ll want to do exactly what he wants, when he wants – he loves to be the boss!
He’ll love nothing more than if you go along with his enthusiastic, exuberant nature and if you show an interest in what he’s interested in – whether it’s a new toy or cars or animals – his face will light up and you’ll catch a glimpse of his sweet side.

Aries babies love to learn something new every day and being entertained, so keep a range of games and fun activities up your sleeve. He can’t stand waiting though, so a quick nappy change is essential otherwise you’ll feel his wrath! Aries babies don’t like to be contained so don’t keep him in a pram or playpen for long.

Fun fact: Aries are most likely to become billionaires!

Taurus2 of 12

Taurus (21st April - 21st May)

Mini Taureans are very laid back on the surface and your baby will give you an easy life – if you give him one too!

He thrives on security and stability and it’s the simple things in life, such as a cuddle, a cosy blanket and his milk that will help him feel settled, and he’ll show you he’s happy with lots of gurgling, clapping and snuggles.

He doesn’t like being moved around, noisy crowds or being out of his routine, so keeping life as structured as possible will help him feel calm and contented.
His stubborn Taurus nature can make him possessive with his toys and not want to share and he loves his food and can become particularly attached to his bottle or your breast.

Fun fact: Taurus is the sign most likely to earn over £100k a year

Gemini3 of 12

Gemini (22nd May - 21st June)

Very curious, with a love of learning, you’ll need to make sure your little Gemini always has lots of toys to play with as he’ll quickly get bored with just one!

Gemini babies are mischievous, intelligent and great fun. They’re the quickest to talk and thrive on being active and social, so he’ll be more than happy to accompany you on social visits and smile and gurgle at everyone he meets.

And you’ll often spot him chatting away to himself – even before you can understand what he’s saying.

He’s not that interested in food, so presenting him with a wide variety of choice when weaning can pique his curiosity, although he’s more likely to play with his food than eat it.

Fun fact: Geminis are most likely to win a Nobel Prize

Cancer4 of 12

Cancer (22nd June - 23rd July)

Cancerian babies are incredibly loving and he’ll love nothing more than snuggling up with you. He’ll also be intuitive and have an innate sense of what’s going on around him.

Your little Cancerian loves to be at home and near you at all times, so keeping him close in a baby sling will make him very happy. He thrives on routine and can be quite shy in social situations, so it takes him a while to warm up to people – even those he’s met before.

He loves listening to stories and anything to do with animals – a cuddly animal toy will be a firm favourite. As Cancerians love water, bathtime is his favourite time of day, especially if there are bubbles and lots of toys to play with

Fun fact: Cancerarians are most likely to live to 100

Leo5 of 12

Leo (24th July - 23rd August)

Extroverted and highly spirited, Leo babies love to be the star of the show.
He loves meeting new people, giving out kisses and cuddles and showing off. He’ll take great delight in making a mess and will often throw his rattle or food on the floor for your attention – and reward you with a big smile for noticing what he’s up to! Leo babies love life to be fun, they love giggling and playing and are very generous with their toys.
Your little Leo has an extraordinarily big heart and a lot of love to give, even smiling and waving at strangers. Leo’s love a bit of drama – he’ll be prone to a big tantrum if he’s bored or uncomfortable – so acknowledging how he’s feeling can help appease his dramatic side.

Fun fact: Leo’s are most likely to win the lottery

Virgo6 of 12

Virgo (24th August - 23rd September)

Virgos simply love to please people and look cute at all times.

Virgo babies hate mess, so if his nappy needs changing or there’s food on the floor (even if he put it there,) he’ll let you know about it until it’s cleaned away.

He’s very intelligent, loves the company of grown-ups much more than other children, and will want you to speak to him like a mini adult. He loves to learn, so playing a new game or reading a new book every day will keep him stimulated and happy. He doesn’t like change so when it comes to weaning, introduce new foods very slowly.

Virgo babies have sensitive tummies, so stick with simple food where possible and let him go at his own pace.

Fun fact: Virgos are most likely to be the highest achievers at school

Libra7 of 12

Libra (24th September - 23rd October)

Your little Libra is very laid back, very sociable and he’ll charm everyone with big smiles and gurgles and love the adoration he receives in return.

He’s very indecisive, but as he loves to please you, he may express an interest in something, whether it’s pudding or a toy, then push it away after a few minutes

Libras don’t like being told what to do and like to try to figure things out for themselves, so if you do make a decision, explain why and that he can do the alternative tomorrow. He loves playing with others and has a very early sense of right and wrong – if he has more toys than someone else, he’ll want to share them out so it’s fair.

Fun fact: Libra’s are most likely to have a long and happy marriage

Scorpio8 of 12

Scorpio (24th October - 22nd November)

Scorpio babies are very strong-willed, loyal and loving and they love nothing more than to know what’s going on and how things work.

He’ll be happy playing on his own and is very inquisitive and curious, whether it’s about a puzzle, a worm in the garden or more importantly, what you’re up to, so you’ll often spot him standing up in his cot to see what you’re doing. He loves unusual toys too, so forget a teddy bear, he’s more likely to be interested in a cuddly toy snake.

Your mini Scorpio loves his sleep and doesn’t like to be disturbed, so if you come in to wake him from a nap before he’s ready, you’ll know about it! And as he’s a little investigator, he’ll soon suss you out if you hide veggies in his meals!

Fun fact: Scorpios are most likely to become world leaders

Sagittarius9 of 12

Sagittarius (23rd November - 21st December)

His cheeky personality, bold nature and hilarious antics will have everyone giggling from a very young age. He loves looking for adventure and will often get bumps and scrapes as a result.

Sagittarius babies are often the first to start walking and his active nature means he loves being outside in nature and doesn’t like being indoors all the time.

He’ll need a lot of play time and his bold streak means he’ll be the first one to give something a try. He’s very impatient and will get bored with eating or bath time and want to move onto the next thing. He’s very loving and devoted as long as he has his freedom to play and explore.

Fun fact: Sagittarians are most likely to be child stars*

Capricorn10 of 12

Capricorn (22nd December - 20th January)

Capricorns are very easy going, clever and sensitive and love nothing more than a routine – in fact the more routine the better.

As he’s an old soul and serious by nature, he’ll want to be grown up and do what you’re doing from a very early age, so you might find him copying you in the kitchen or trying to repeat what you’re saying.

He has a great sense of rhythm and will often be found jiggling along to any kind of music, so give him lots of things to make noise with, whether it’s a rattle or pan and wooden spoon.

Once he’s got the hang of something, he loves to practice, so give him lots of praise as he’ll want you to see that he’s getting it right. 

Fun fact: Capricorns are the most likely to have lots of children

Aquarius11 of 12

Aquarius (21st January – 19th February)

A true original, your mini Aquarius is very creative and intelligent and will love being unconventional from an early age, whether it’s wearing his jumper back to front or choosing an unusual toy to play with.

His rebellious streak means he won’t want to sleep or eat when you expect him to, he just wants to do his own thing, so preparing food in advance to give him when he’s ready can prevent most of it going on the floor.

He’s very sociable and loves communicating so he’ll happily chat at you and tell you what he’s been up to. He’s also very inventive so once he discovers how to get out of his cot, you’ll need eyes in the back of your head!

Fun fact: Aquarians are most likely to become celebrities

Pisces12 of 12

Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

Sweet, kind and gentle, your little Pisces will sleep through the night and daydream through the day.

He’s got a vivid imagination and as there’s lots going on in his head, he may be slower to start walking and talking than other signs, but once he does there’ll be no stopping him! He loves being in water and around animals, as well as being outside in nature – as long as it’s quiet.

He’s very emotional and sensitive to things happening around him so may need lots of cuddles and reassurance. He loves being surrounded by beautiful objects and colours, especially in his nursery, however, may need a little encouragement to venture into the outside world.

Fun fact: Pisceans are most likely to become Olympic swimmers

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