The best baby milestone books for treasured memories

The best baby milestone books for treasured memories

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Throughout their lifetime, you'll probably spoil your bundle of joy with plenty of the best children’s books to aid their development and for some special bonding time. But one book that you may want to buy for yourself is a baby milestone book, for you to record major milestones in your little one’s life — such as their first birthday party, losing their first tooth, or even your first ultrasound scan.

While we’re sure you’ll have these memories already saved on your phone or social feed, there’s nothing quite like having a keepsake memory book to look back on when we want to remind ourselves of how little they once were. Not to mention, it can also make a lovely keepsake to gift your child with when they’re grown up, or even a sweet baby shower gift to give to friends or family who are expecting.

The best baby milestone books at a glance:

Best themed: Peter Rabbit Baby's First Year Record Book - Buy now on John Lewis

Best for colourful illustrations: Le Petit Baby Book - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for personalisation: Memory And Milestone Book Personalised for Baby - Buy now on Etsy

Best for storing keepsakes: Baby's First Year Journal: A Keepsake of Milestone Moments - Buy now on Amazon UK

We’ve found some adorable baby milestone books that will take pride of place on your bookshelf. With beautiful illustrations to personalised designs, this is a book that’ll be treasured forever by parents, and your baby.

The best baby milestone books

Best gift set

Luxury Gift Set - Pregnancy Journal, Baby Memory Book & Milestone Cards
Price: £56 (was £70)

This makes an ideal gift for an expectant parent. The gift set includes three items: a pregnancy journey journal, a baby memory book and milestone cards, each illustrated with an adorable little elephant.

One parent review said: "Bought this for my friend who has just had her first baby. She is over the moon with it. Excellent quality and pages and pages where she can document her baby girls progress over the coming years along with the beautiful milestone cards. A great gift that she can treasure and look back on in years to come. Thank you."


  • Beautifully designed
  • Can document your own and baby's journey


  • Pricey

Best themed

If you love Beatrix Potter's books about the tale of Peter Rabbit and his friends, then why not treat yourself to this adorable Peter Rabbit baby milestone book? Make notes of important dates and events, stick in treasured photographs, and even add baby's hand and footprints. Plus, there's a handy pocket at the back for storing precious keepsakes.

One parent review said: "Being pregnant with baby #2 I wanted a new baby record book to make wonderful memories to keep forever for this little one. We did the same for our daughter and it is so lovely to look back to from time to time. This book contains so many important milestones that you never want to forget, but in a sleep-deprived state of new parenthood, you totally would without having it recorded somewhere. This is the perfect place to do that."


  • Includes lots of different milestones, that you may otherwise forget
  • Affordable
  • Beautifully illustrated


  • If you're not fans of Peter Rabbit, this isn't for you

Best for colourful illustrations

Le Petit Baby Book

Rrp: $30.00

Price: $26.23

Filled with wonderfully whimsical colour illustrations, this gorgeous book offers lots of creative ways to record special moments. There's space for photos, an envelope for ultrasound scans and to stash written notes, a gatefold family tree, illustrated pop-ups, a pull-out growth chart, and even a spin-wheel to display your little one's astrological sign.

One parent review said: "Beautiful book, received as a gift during pregnancy as the first chapter captures memories before baby is born. It has very intricate gorgeous designs, places for photos, thoughts and memories for that special but fast first year and is something your little one will cherish in years to come."


  • Lots of creative ways for precious keepsakes/memories to be stored
  • Includes spaces to capture milestones before and after baby is born


  • We can't find any

Best for personalisation

Memory And Milestone Book Personalised for Baby
Price: £29.19+

How beautiful is this memory book? Perfect for recording all your baby's precious firsts from the ultrasound scan photos, first bath-time, first-words, first birthday, first friends — all the way up to their first day of school. It's filled with easy prompts, and for a little extra you can make the cover cushioned.

One parent review said: "The book is lovely! It was a present for my sister and her husband and they've loved it! Andy, the seller, was also very helpful!"


  • Choice between hardback or luxury cushion cover
  • Can personalise with baby's name on front cover


  • Expensive, but worth it

Best for storing keepsakes

Baby's First Year Journal_ A Keepsake of Milestone Moments

Rrp: $15.00

Price: $10.99

This adorable journal will make sure no special moments are forgotten. With handy prompts and plenty of space to note all the important 'firsts', thoughts and experiences, keep note of the world your little one has been born into. Plus, as this is from Annabel Karmel, there are five recipes included to inspire you to make delicious food for your baby at various stages.

One parent review said: "This book allows you to document all the firsts and add pictures of significant times/milestones; first smile, first bath, Christmas etc. There is also a page for each month to add a picture and document what they liked doing, what they learned to do. The beginning is about Mummy and Daddy - as a single parent, I don’t mind the “daddy” bits in the book as there's not that much in there. I bought this to document my baby’s journey, but this would make a lovely gift for new parents. I’m definitely going to be buying this again for some friends that are expecting!"


  • Pockets to for photographs and keepsakes
  • Sections to record milestones month by month


  • Refers to baby as 'her'

Best value

Looking for a more affordable option? This lovely milestone book makes a wonderful keepsake. It features milestones pre-prepared on each page with beautiful illustrations, spaces for you to fill in, add images and record those special moments.

One parent review said: "Unbelievable value for money! So glad I listened to all the good reviews and purchased this baby memory book. It is honestly everything you would want in a memory/milestone book. Perfect amount of content and I can’t wait to start filling it out once baby arrives :) [...] Would make such a lovely present for any mummy-to-be :)"


  • Affordable
  • Gender-neutral colours used


  • We can't find any

Best for colour variation

Baby Journal And Record Book
Price: £17.21 (was £22.95)

With a choice of contemporary cover colours and designs, this very lovely gender-neutral baby album is perfect to record the milestones of any new arrival. There are dedicated spaces for photos and scans, 52 pages, and it comes beautifully finished.

One parent review said: "This book was exactly as I expected from the photos and information on the website and I am very happy with the quality of the paper and the cover."


  • Available in white, pink, yellow and blue
  • Includes sweet baby and parenting quotes inside


  • Can't select which design you'd like with your chosen cover colour

Best luxury buy

If you prefer getting creative, then this scrapbook style milestone book is perfect for you. The pages are made from plain, thick cardboard, ready for you to stick, write and draw on, alongside your baby's first photos. It's available in a range of colours and you can even personalise the front with your baby's name from a selection of different gold, silver and copper foil options.

One parent review said: "Absolutely stunned my album and personalised beautifully. Better than I had imagined."


  • Available in pink, green, peach, grey, ivory and lavender
  • Faux leather cover, looks and feels luxurious


  • Pages are plain, so you have to get creative
  • Pricey

Best to give as a gift

We love this baby milestone's book minimalistic design and gender-neutral colour. Inside there's a page for every milestone you could imagine, which have been split up into different 'chapters'. There's even a handy contents page at the front of the book so you can easily flick through and look back at specific milestone memories and, priced under £30, it would make a treasured gift for a soon-to-be parent.

One parent review said: "Lovely book, Infact it actually brought tears to my eyes when I first looked at it. Really really happy with purchase and can’t wait to fill it with happy memories of my son. Thank you."


  • Attractive, simplistic design, with a hardcover


  • Only available in one colour

Best front cover

First 5 Years Baby Memory Book
Price: $34.42

Record your baby's first memories from conception to school. We particularly love the front cover of this one, where you can print your baby's tiny footprint — too cute!

One parent review said: "Stunning baby book. We wanted something that was a little different and beautiful for us to fill in when baby is born and we love this book! It has everything you can think of that baby might one day want to know, including the cost of bread, milk, a cup of coffee and styles of music and clothing, aside from the normal things like baby's weight, height, eye colour...etc. I also love the family tree pages and you can add ultrasound photos and update it over 5 years. I'd buy this for a friend too."


  • Baby's footprint and photo can be added to the front of the book to give a more personalised feel


  • Not a huge colour variety, only available in pink and grey

Best for unique baby milestone idea

If you're looking for something a little different to mark your baby's milestone moments, then these elegant and adorable Dumbo milestone cards are a super simple way of recording your new arrival's firsts. Each time they reach a milestone, take a snap with each card so you'll never forget the day they smiled or crawled for the first time. Perfect for hanging around the house or adding to your own personal photo album.

We've also rounded up a selection of the best baby milestone cards, just incase you're keen to check out alternative ways to mark your baby's major moments.


  • Affordable
  • Unique idea and design, great for those who prefer something a little 'different'


  • Not in a book format, so could get lost easily


What is the first milestone for a baby?

All babies develop differently and therefore they may reach different milestones accordingly. However, within the first three months of your baby’s development there’s lots of exciting milestones they will have, from their first smile, to their first laugh, having their first bath, to making their first sounds and many more. We’ve broken your baby’s milestone’s down into month by month development, so that you can get an idea of what your baby will achieve during their first 12 months.

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