7 ways to wean your baby off their dummy

by Bryony Firth-Bernard |

It’s been your baby’s best pal for months, but now it’s time to say bye-bye to their dummy. Gulp. Start as you mean to go on with these pacifier weaning tips...

Whether it’s about comforting your baby when they're upset or soothing him to sleep, dummies have a place in many parent kits.

But when it comes to taking it away from your child, well, that can be a bit tricky – especially as they get older and start to work out how a little thing called ‘willpower’ works.

So, if you’re about to embark on Project Get Rid Of Dummy, arm yourself with some handy strategies.

How to wean your child off their dummy:

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1. Time it right

It’s generally wise to wean your baby off their dummy before 12 months. ‘That’s when they’ll often start to chatter,’ says Dr Rebecca Chicot, child development expert and co-founder of The Essential Parent Company.

‘It’s also easier to go cold turkey and take the dummy away in one go before then – they’ll get more strong-willed later on and may be less happy to accept the change.’

WATCH: a midwife explains how to wean your little one off a dummy:

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