Tried&Tested: ASDA Litte Angels Newborn nappies

ASDA Litte Angels Newborn nappies

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When it comes to picking nappies for your newborn you're spoilt for choice. No doubt you've got some idea of what you want if you're a second or third time mum. As a first time mum, you'll probably test a few out before sticking to your fave brand. One thing we can help you with here at Mother&Baby is recommendations from real mums.

In this month's Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked 10 mums to give their opinions on ASDA's Little Angels Newborn nappies. Find out what they thought here:

What did you like most about the product?

Katharine Pyle - "Cheerful compact soft basic design."

Jennifer Clements - "Packaging was very compact, not too much plastic (but would you think about maybe changing to a box?). The nappies themselves are very soft and provide good protection, even at night time when they are on for longer spells. I also like the wetness indicator."

Sophia Howkins - "The indicator turns blue when they are wet, this makes it easier to know when they need changing. The
packaging is bright and the sizes are clear. The nappies fit my baby's bum better than other brands."

Laura Jenkins - "I liked the wetness indicator most about the nappies."

Were you aware of the size-up guide on the front of the nappy and do you think it’s


Charlie Beesley - "Seen this on quite a few nappies we have tried it’s a good idea."

Jennifer Upjohn - "I wasn't aware at first and was a little confused. It is useful as you would assume it would be the next size you need."

Ashleigh Quilter - "Very useful! I don’t go by the weights listed on packaging as every baby is different, my son went in to the next size up nappies really quickly when he was a baby, but my daughter is a lot more petite so it’s a handy guide."

Rachael Oldhams - "I love how easy the size up guide is to follow with just the one line to look at, especially as I always find it difficult to know when to change size. The information about the size up guide on the packaging is easy to follow as well. Think it would be useful to have information about the size up guide on the front of the packaging as you don’t always look at the back."

Did you find the wetness indicator helpful? Why?

Katharine Pyle - "Yes easy to know when to change so didn’t waste nappies."

Jennifer Clements - "Yes it was helpful as a quick indicator if the nappy needed changing."

Clare Taylor - "I think it’s helpful when babies are newborn and tend to need their nappies changing more regularly and you can check their nappies without disturbing them as much. My baby is 4 months now so I don’t feel I need it, but she is small so it’s good to have it as a feature on size 2 nappies for babies who are born bigger."

Ramona Solnitaru - "It is the best addition ever as I don't have to take the nappies off in public spaces in order to check if they need to be replaced."

Did the product absorb moisture quickly? (How did this compare to others)

Clare Taylor - "Yes they were really good at absorbing. We had no leaks overnight and none during the day. I think the smartflo absorbency is a great feature and you could really tell by the shape of the nappy when it was wet how it worked. In the past I have tried Aldi and Sainsbury’s nappies which have both leaked for us so I feel they are definitely better than those brands. I also think they are better than Pampers Premium Protection as they seem to hold more moisture. I think that Lidl Lupilu nappies are on a par with Asda Little Angels."

Charlie Beesley - "Yes found it to hold a lot of wee especially during the night when nappy changes are less frequent."

Sophia Howkins - "The nappies absorb moisture alot better compared to pampers where they have leaked through."

Laura Jenkins - "Yes these nappies are very absorbent and they last the night without needing a change."

Did the super stretchy waist and leg elastics help contain leaks?

Katharine Pyle - "I didn’t have any leak so fab for us."

Jennifer Clements - "Yes, I never had a problem with leaking."

Sophia Howkins - "Yes, the design of the nappy fits my babies body."

Laura Jenkins - "Yes, I feel they do extremely well at stopping leaks."

When looking at the packaging, what messaging appeals to you the most?

Charlie Beesley - "The design and picture."

Jennifer Upjohn - "It's colourful, the name of the brand."

Ashleigh Quilter - "The brightness and easy to read nappy size."

Jennifer Clements - "The unisex packaging and the colour makes it stand out from the main brands. Also the fact that it points out that there is less plastic used and that the brand has won awards."

Were the super soft materials kind to your baby’s skin?

Ramona Solnitaru - "They were perfect for my baby’ skin. He didn't have any redness, itchiness or other reactions."

Clare Taylor - "They were very kind. We had no irritation at all. The material held a lot of moisture, but did not feel wet to the touch when changed, so protected babies skin."

Rachael Oldhams - "Yes, as we haven't had any nappy rash or sign of irritation and he does have sensitive skin."

Ashleigh Quilter - "Yes, my daughter has suffered with her skin since shortly after birth and these did not cause any irritation."

How does this product compare to others you’ve used?

Clare Taylor - "As a mum-of-three, we have tried lots of nappy brands and this is definitely one of the best, especially for babies, no leaks and no irritation. I would say overall I like them on a par with our normal brand."

Rachael Oldhams - "It rates well as didn’t have any leaks, stays fastened, nice and soft with no irritation. Found the sizing and fit of size 1 and 2 very similar to other brands."

Ashleigh Quilter - "More absorbent than other brands I have tried, including more premium ones like Pampers."

Jennifer Upjohn - "By far the best nappies I've used. My previous child wet through Pampers constantly. And I always thought more expensive meant better quality, however this shows to be untrue as ASDA nappies are cheaper and do a much better job."

Would you recommend this product to others? Why/why not?

Sophia Howkins - "I would recommend as stated above and also the prices are much more affordable than other brands and the quality is much better than other brands."

Laura Jenkins - 'I would definitely recommend this to other parents, it's great value for money. With the added benefits of the wetness indicator, size guide and comfy for baby."

Charlie Beesley - "Yes, I would for a cheaper alternative I would personally repurchase if I could not get my usual. The overall quality is good."

Jennifer Upjohn - " Yes, and I already have recommended; I was out with my mate who had a newborn and was changing the babies and I told her to use one of these nappies (ASDA Litte Angel Newborn nappies) and she even thought they were fab."

From nappies and wipes to moisturisers and bathtime fun, ASDA Little Angels have everything your little one needs from bump to birth and beyond. Find out more at

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