Tried&Tested: M&S Little Smiles All Over Body Cream and Top-To-Toe Wash

M&S Little Smiles All Over Body Cream and Top-To-Toe Wash

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Yes, you are reading this correctly. M&S have entered the world of baby essentials and we couldn't be more excited.

Welcome to the parenting world M&S Little Smiles! The range includes everything from nappies and nappy pants, to wipes, creams and bathtime products! You can also find our Tried&Tested reviews here for M&S Little Smiles Nappy Pants and M&B Little Smiles Nappies.

Other products in this exciting new range include:

  • Little Smiles 64 Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, RRP £1.00

  • Little Smiles Cotton Wool Pleats, RRP £1.10

  • Little Smiles Large Cotton Wool Balls, RRP £1.00

  • Little Smile Large Cleansing Pads, RRP £2.00

  • Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Calming Bubble Bath, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Soothing Body Lotion, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Gentle Top to Toe Wash, RRP £2.50

We've been given a sneak preview into some of their first-ever products for our little ones and that's why in our Tried&Tested hot seat this time round, we asked Mother&Baby parents to give their opinions on M&S Little Smiles All Over Body Cream and Top-To-Toe Wash.

Find out what our parents thought here...

M&S All Over Body Cream review

Was the M&S Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream gentle on your baby’s skin?

Jayne Berezai: "Yes. My daughter suffers from eczema so has sensitive skin and this product was very gentle on her skin and made it extra soft."

Louise Luckett: "My little ones have sensitive skin, so I did a patch test prior to using more fully. No reaction occurred. The cream was gentle on their skin and I liked that it was thicker than their usual product (Childs Farm). It was also great on my hands, and even passed the husband test as he hates greasy hand cream!"

Nicola Gresswell: "Yes, it’s a nice product. Thick but not greasy and easily absorbed."

Did you enjoy the texture of the M&S Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream?

Samantha Collier: "The texture of the cream is nice and thick and when rubbing the cream into the skin, the cream soaked into the skin quickly. The texture felt silky."

Rachael Bowman: "It was really lovely and thick and felt very luxurious. Much nicer than some of the other creams we use - less tacky and sunk in very easily."

Laurell Hall: "Yes, the texture was very thick with a fluffy consistency and a little went a long way."

What did you think of the quality of the M&S Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream?

Jamila Shaheen: "The quality of the product was good. I like the tub - it's a good size, got a good protective cap and the cream was not runny so stayed in place. When put on clothing it came off easily - no stains or mess."

Katherine Holden: "I enjoyed the feel and application, but not the smell, not sure if it’s the camomile flower water but I found it faint, and didn’t really like it."

Lauren Spencer: "Very good quality, I would buy it again."

How moisturising and calming did you find the M&S Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream?

Jayne Berezai: "It was very moisturising and the smell was calming, but not overpowering. My little girl was very happy having the cream applied."

Louise Luckett: "The cream has a very light calming scent; I appreciate for a baby you wouldn't want anything more scented, particularly as this is the last thing onto the skin. I used this for a few days on my children's' skin and it feels gentle on their skin, leaving skin is nicely hydrated and soft. It has worked wonders on my dry hands too."

Nicola Gresswell: "It's moisturising but I wouldn’t necessarily say it was calming itself. The process of application by massaging could be seen as calming but I wouldn’t class it as a calming product."

Would you recommend the M&S Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream to a friend?

Samantha Collier: "I would recommend the cream to a friend and I also think it would make for a nice gift for a new baby hamper. I was impressed with the cream and will continue to use this on my son."

Rachael Bowman: "Yes I would. I loved how thick the cream was and how easily it soaked into the skin. The only thing I would like is if it came in a bigger tub as I don’t think it would last very long in the size of the current tub."

Laurell Hall: "Yes. I have many friends with young babies and I would recommend this cream without a second thought. It is good that the cream hasn't got a strong perfume scent and a little goes a long way."

M&S Top-To-Toe Wash review

Was the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe Wash gentle on your baby’s skin?

Danielle Smith: "Yes, I found the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe wash to be extremely gentle on my baby's skin. My baby has quite sensitive skin and I tend to use a hypoallergenic baby wash to ensure it does not irritate the skin further. This top to toe wash did not cause any irritation and made her skin feel very soft. My baby is currently suffering from nappy rash and this also did not cause any further irritation to this area, nor did she react when it was applied to this area so I assume it gentle enough for irritated areas."

Annique Jeffrey: "Yes, it was gentle on my baby's skin and left her skin nice and soft after bathing with it."

Alex Gibbons: "Yes, my baby can have sensitive skin with some other products we have used in the past, however with this top to toe wash his skin was great."

Did you enjoy the texture of the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe Wash?

Rebecca Busby: "Loved the foam, it has a thick but a light texture and lathered up nicely when using on wet skin."

Louise Sayers: "Yes really nice and it felt much nicer than the gels."

Danielle Smith: "Yes, I did like the texture. I was quite surprised that it was a foam wash as I expected it to be more like a gel. However, the top to toe wash was really soft when rubbing it into the skin. I rubbed it into my own skin and it felt lovely and has continued to make my skin feel soft even when I had washed it off."

What did you think of the quality of the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe Wash?

Gemma Sedgwick: "Quality is great, I would just prefer a fragrance."

Rebecca Wood: "After using both Asda's Little Angels and Johnson's baby washes, I thought this was great quality. A bottle containing a pump on the top is perfect for ease of use and the foam texture was great for washing my baby quickly."

Annique Jeffrey: "I think the packaging is quite clinical, meaning that, the bottle is in the style I would expect to pick up from the pharmacy as if I were to be prescribed it by my doctor. I think a smaller bottle and maybe steer away from the packaging just being plain white. M&S are known for being quite luxurious, so I would have expected the packaging to stand out a bit more."

How moisturising and calming did you find the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe Wash?

Alex Gibbons: "The top to toe wash was great at cleaning my little ones' skin, even after an afternoon of painting, the wash was effective at removing the paint from his feet."

Rebecca Busby: "After a day of painting and playing in the garden, both children were lovely and fresh after using the wash."

Nicole Toner: "Really good to get baby clean."

Would you recommend the M&S Little Smiles Top-To-Toe Wash to a friend?

Anna Leggett: "Yes I would!"

Rebecca Wood: "I would definitely recommend this top to toe wash to friends, firstly because it was in a pump style bottle which makes it is easier when applying, but also because of the smooth and soft texture of the foam which together with the smell, was great."

Alex Gibbons: "I would definitely recommend the top to toe was to a friend to use as a body wash but not as much for hair washing."

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