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Wipes by TotsBots

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Wipes by TotsBots
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TotsBots reusable wipes at a glance:

Give your baby a gentle clean from top to toe with TotsBots reusable wipes. Oeko-Tex certified and made from naturally soft fabrics that are kind to skin and help protect baby from irritating chemicals. Use with water for a cost-friendly alternative to disposables. Once you're finished just wash in the machine and reuse, reducing your waste one wipe at a time. Two types available so you can have one for bums and one for hands and faces, no mess, no fuss. Coming in packs of ten in either eye-catching colourful TotsBots matchy bamboo, or simple white cotton/bamboo blend.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lianne: I love these wipes! Firstly they have two different surfaces to them - one a bit coarser for getting a bigger scrub, and the other so much softer, which makes for much fewer protests! Easily cleaned, convenient place bag for the wipes and eco-friendly - so much more cost effective than adding single use wipes to the weekly shop!

Jenna: I don't think eco products generally make life easier, but they do make you feel better about the planet. There is obviously more washing and drying but they go in the regular white wash so it is never much more trouble. I am potty training my two year old and she has taken against wipes but does seem not to mind these run under warm water, so I would recommend for this use.

Sian: I love love love these wipes – its just one less thing I don’t have to think about. These wipes are very affordable and you can’t run out of them. Just what new mothers need. Something simple that works. I love that im not having to buy budget chemical wipes – instead these wipes are a cost effect and mean not nasty chemicals on my little ones bottom.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jenna: Yes I would recommend them. They are soft, very easy to wash and they are quick to dry. They come in a nice little bag for storage. You would need a lot of them in order to completely convert to using solely re-usable wipes (I think my pack has around 15 in) but I suppose once you had made the investment you would make money back quite quickly in the long run by not always buying disposable packets.

Jess: I'd recommend these wipes to a friend or fellow mum who is eco-conscious as they are great for preventing more waste going into landfill. They are really well made and so soft, they feel much softer to the touch than disposable wipes. They are very easy to use, however more time is needed due to dampening them ready to use and washing them after use. I've only used them at home as not sure how I'd go about taking them out in the changing bag.

Samantha: I would recommend them to mums that are conscious about the environment. Also since having these we have renamed them 'pat pats'. The reason for this, is that our little one gets nappy rash really easily, so we also use them to dry her bum before applying cream and a new nappy. So i would also recommend them to mums that have little ones with sensitive skin.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jess: I think in terms or reusable wipes these are amazing quality and wash really well and provide a higher level of comfort for my children. The fact they are more sustainable is a huge plus point as well. However when it comes to usability in everyday life I will predominantly stick to using biodegradable disposable wipes as with 2 children under 2 my amount of laundry is already immense and these wipes just add to that. I'd need a few packs of 10 on the go to make sure there were always clean ones available too, one pack of 10 is not enough. I hate to criticize as I'm all for reusable wipes and improving sustainability, I'd just find them tricky to keep on top of amongst all the other mum duties!

Shelley: I do think these should win. I think they are a great idea and I will definitely be continuing to use them. They clean much better and are lovely and soft on my baby's bottom. They are a good price too. Much better than buying so many disposable wipes each week. I will be using some for flannels too!

Lianne: Yes I would choose this product. I have been looking for re-usable wipes for some time, and these really fit the bill. What makes it stand out mostly is how soft one of the surfaces is- you can tell that the wipes are made from quality material, and are just so much kinder to skin that any other wipe, reusable or none, that I have used.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sian: If i could change one thing about this product I would like it if they used an organic fabric. I think the product could look overall more natural and I think they should use recycable packaging. Also I think they should offer a bulk buy option. They come in a box of 10 but if you could buy a box of 50 then this would mean a weekly wash rather than every other day.

Jenna: They are a little on the small size. About half the size of a regular flannel. I have only been using them for wee's and I would say they wouldn't be particular effective for poo's - particularly small baby explosive poos! We are using a combination of these and disposable wipes and that seems like a way to transition into using all reusable.

Samantha: Maybe have some brighter colours or patterns. I would also change the finished edge on them to make them look professional. If you are going to pay for them you want to make sure they are finished correctly. otherwise really they are just glorified microfibre cloths you can get for a £1. Also the really Eco conscious mums will use old rags etc.

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