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Mini Bub Baby Wipes at a glance:

These washable and eco-friendly wipes are an excellent product. You and your baby will love how gentle and soft they are on your babies skin, as well as how well they maintain their shape, size, and textutre.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Zoe: These Mini Bub reusable baby wipes are brilliant. They are beautifully soft and gentle on my twins' skin and perfect for hands, faces and bottoms. They wash and tumble dry really well and maintain their shape, size and softness. They are grey rather than brightly coloured/white which means they don't discolour (like white ones) and look much smarter than multicoloured ones.

Sophie: I have two children, one aged 3 years and one is 10 months, and it's a tough call to decide who is messier! I love these wipes at home for meal times for quick hands and face wash with minimal fuss, and then they can be easily rinsed or washed rather than flannels which take longer to dry and feel more unhygienic.

Annie: My youngest daughter is 7 months old and we have recently started weaning her. I am keen to reduce my waste with the number of disposable baby wipes I use; but didn't want a standard cloth which might not have been particularly gentle on her skin. These Mini Bub Baby Wipes have been brilliant. They are so easy to grab for a quick post lunch wipe down and they are super soft. Even after washing in the machine the bamboo remains fluffy and gentle. They are durable too as I am able to hand wash them under the tap with a small squirt of mild detergent and pop them on the radiator and they come up as good as new. Much easier than pulling handfuls of wipes out of a packet or having to locate the nappy bag with a smothered weanling on my hip! I haven't yet tried reusable wipes for nappy changes but would be confident to give it a go with these. I also think they would lend themselves well as reusable breast pads with a bit of folding.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Annie: Yes I would recommend these. I loved that they hold enough water and are easily rinsed and reused to mop hands after I have cleaned her face. The size and shape of the wipes means they are not bulky and easy to use and the softness of them is amazing. They wash so well and dry super quickly. They look great too; the grey is an excellent colour choice and the coloured edge adds a stylish touch. They are easily popped in the nappy bag for being out and about to mop up rogue dribble and much simpler than a muslin taking up more room than necessary.

Gabriella: Yes absolutely I would recommend the mini bub wipes that I received. The little basket they come in keeps them all in one place and is lovely and decorative, it sits on my dining table perfectly without standing out. Although a couple of friends have peeked inside as they were curious to what was in the basket. They are so easy to wash either by hand or in the machine and every time they dry out they are still as soft as when I first opened the basket. I have used the wipes with some wet nappy changes however we've gone through a ear and throat infection with my son on antibiotics and now teething and the nappies are a little extreme at the moment.

Tori: Feel like this is a very simple way to move away from using a disposable product. It will cut use of disposable baby wipes and therefore waste which is a huge selling point for me I also like that they are stored dry as this keeps them fresh I’m very keen on the fact that the bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties too The round design is really handy and the storage container even feels more environmentally friendly than some of the plastic alternatives

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah: I’m not sure I would. On the one hand the price is very attractive and the rope basket that they come in is very nice and can be used for other things if desired. The dual sides wipes are very nice too and the fact that they are large and round is very convenient. However there are not many of them in a pack and If you wanted to use them exclusively you’d need a few packs or to do washing twice a day.

Tori: Yes because of the style. Like the round shape as this is handy Also like the idea that it is stored in a nice looking container. Quite aesthetically pleasing in design and colour. I think it’s great value for money and intend to buy these in the future as gifts. Love the idea a gift can also be environmentally positive too.

G****abriella: I would choose this and purchase these as a gift for a fellow Mum as they arrive in the most beautiful basket and lovely packaging. The wipes have stayed as soft as the first time I opened them up after lots of washing and not one of the wipes has become discolored from any of the messes I have cleared sons tops end up various stained colours however the wipes literally do not discolor!

What changes would you make to this product?

Alice: I’d recommend stocking in supermarkets so they are available offline too. I’d also recommend doing a smaller pack for parents who have children of potty trained age but would like to use the wipes for day-to-day cleanliness like washing hands and faces on the go. I’m yet to find a good biodegradable wipes in a travel size that I can pop in a small bag to use on days out, travelling in the car or just generally on the go.

Annie: I would like to see the addition of a spray bottle and used wipes travel bag. This would mean I could use them out of the house for post meal clean up and not just dribble. I like the design and style of the wipes and think the company could probably design a beautiful complimentary travel accessory pack as the design is a big factor in why I like these so much. I am unsure on the durability having not used these for a prolonged period and have heard that competitor wipes do not manage well long term; so I would hope these would have the edge in that respect too. The wipes themselves are excellent and I am struggling to think of much I would change about them specifically as easy to use, quick drying and style would be my key areas and these seem to fit the bill.

Sophie: I have washed them quite a few times and they have bobbled a little so imagine they might not have a very long lifetime- although still much better than babywipes! I think it would be great if they came with a little circular zip up bag with a waterproof lining so I could use them more easily out and about.

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