Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Boat Set

from Matchstick Monkey
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Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Boat Set at a glance:

Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Boat Sets are the perfect bathtime companion for your little sailor. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into small hands, our boats and wobblers are soft and smooth to touch, encouraging early development, through honing their fine motor skills as they play. Contains Biocote® Antimicrobial Protection keeping mould and mildew at bay and made from BPA free silicone, ABS and PP materials. Suitable for 12+ months.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Libby: This is a great toy not only for bathtime as the name suggests but also for general water play in the paddling pool outside and trying to encourage imaginative play. Little one loves dropping the monkeys in the water to create a big splash and watch them wobble and bob around. She also works on her motor skills when placing the monkeys in the hole in the boat.

Shelley: This is a nice well made bath toy. It's soft to touch, it is easy for my son to pick up and play with, the monkey characters are the perfect size for little hands. The part that makes this toy great is how easy it is to keep clean. They're at no holes in it for stale water to gather and fester, and the boat comes apart in half so its really easy to get inside and clean it.

Amy: I love the simplicity of this toy and how chunky and easily accessible it is for little people to use. There are no small parts, so I’m not worried about anything getting lost or it being a choking hazard for my little one. I have three children aged 15 months old, 3 years old and 4 years old, and all of them have enjoyed playing with this toy so far, making bath time fun for them and easier for me whilst they’re being entertained.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would recommend the Matchstick Monkey bath time set to my fellow mums as I really like that fact is it one of the few products on the market that doesn’t have any secret holes of spaces that allow water to collect and then mouldy. It’s also a beautifully designed toy that is appealing to look at not just for children but for parents.

Zoe: I would most definitely recommend this product to a fellow Mum and/or friend as I love the design that resists mould and mildew. This is such an important factor when it comes to choosing bath time products as my child's health and safety is paramount. It encourages my child to engage in more imaginative play and ticks the box for improving her fine motor skills. It is a bath toy that is easily transported when travelling away on holiday and I can be reassured that it is easy to keep hygienically clean.

Libby: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend as it is great quality. The materials are smooth to touch and it is reassuring to know that they have antimicrobial protection so there is no risk of mould forming (particularly with the monkeys as they don't have holes in like many bath toys do). i love also love the vibrant yellow of the boat but do think it is very expensive for what it is.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Zoe: I would choose this product above all others on the market due to its fantastic design qualities, vibrant colour and long lasting materials. Although it has a higher price tag than other bath toys out there on the market. I feel that its quality makes it stand out more and it should be a product that wins. The company itself have a lovely personal feel, seem really friendly and helpful. I think this is a really nice touch as it makes you feel like they genuinely care about their customers.

Amy: I probably would recommend this product. I’ve been looking for some decent bath toys for my children for a long time as they often end up with the ‘squirty’ ones or similar, which I dislike as you can never get them properly dried off and clean between uses. I love the fact that all three of my children have been kept occupied with it, it’s always nice to have toys that they can all play with together.

Libby: I think I would choose this product above others as although it is very expensive, it is really well made and lovely to look at when compared to other children's toys. They do feel like they are a much superior quality compared to other toys and given that my primary concern with bath toys is mould forming, the fact they have no holes to trap water insider and antimicrobial protection is a huge bonus.

What changes would you make to this product?

Libby: I can’t really think of anything, to be honest. Even right down to the colours, which are quite simplistic. I’ve bought products from Matchstick Monkey for my children before, so I knew I probably wouldn’t be disappointed by this item as I’ve always been impressed by this company in the past, and my children have enjoyed the items that they have.

Louise: The one this I could think of to change would be that my heavy handed toddler used to find it very amusing to shove the Matchstick Monkey into the hole of the boat so that it got stuck in there. It is quite difficult to then removed the money from the hole in the boat, I found myself having to do this quite a few times.

Zoe: I would say that it would be nice to have a better colour variety on the bath toys which may engage the children more with bright colours. I feel that although it is a great quality product, I cant help but feel a little bit disappointed that it is just 2 monkeys and a boat. At the price of £22.99, I would a little something more special as it is very plain and basic.

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