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There is enough research and a better understanding these days to know that #naturalmatters – it is best for you, your family, and the planet. Natural living isn’t just a current trend, it is undoubtedly the ideal way to live, especially with a new baby in your life.

Have you ever looked around your home and considered what unwelcome chemicals might be lingering in the environment?

It is fair to say when you hear the words synthetic or nasties you don’t necessarily think of a nursery setting, do you? But, with fire-retardant chemical sprays commonly used on cot and cot bed mattresses, and synthetic foam often a core ingredient, these words are worryingly relevant when it comes to many family homes.

Sheep Nursery

One brand determined to help parents bring up their little ones naturally is The Little Green Sheep, where a team of experts lovingly craft products from what mother nature provides. They use zero harmful chemicals and no questionable materials, to help create the purest environment possible. In fact, they were the brains behind the UK’s very first certified organic baby mattress, which they unveiled nearly 15 years ago. Since then, the brand has become the authority in natural mattresses and more.

This September The Little Green Sheep is hosting Natural Sleep Month, a campaign to help guide parents on how to create a natural environment for their children from day one. Sleep is one of the hottest topics for any new parent, and whether your little one is a good sleeper (we wish!) or keeping you up all night, what they are lying on and the environment they are sleeping in should be a top priority.

Have you ever wondered what is inside your little one’s mattress (or yours for that matter)? It’s where they spend up to 14 hours a day, so we think you’ll agree it’s not a bad idea to start.  Safety is paramount, but did you know there is a natural fire retardant that can replace the use of commonly used chemical sprays? There is also a natural alternative to using synthetic foam.

Unlike most mattresses on the market, The Little Green Sheep mattresses are naturally fireproof, insulating, breathable and hypo-allergenic. Just four naturally derived ingredients make up a Little Green Sheep mattress – and absolutely no nasties.

19kg Baby play gym

What’s inside The Little Green Sheep Cot Bed Mattress

8 coconuts

1.9KG of wool.

2.6 litres of sap from the Hevea tree (as the natural latex)

1,080 metres of natural cotton yarn

Your little one’s mattress is a great place to start – but it’s also worth considering organic sleeping bags and sheets, not only are they super soft and kind on babies’ delicate skin, they will keep the sleepy setting as natural as possible.

For those looking to embrace natural parenting, keep reading…

Compared to most sheepskin pram liners and rugs that often have the presence of chromium from the tanning process, a Little Green Sheep sheepskin is produced through a natural vegetable tanning process that’s chromium-free, whilst being kinder to both your baby’s skin, and the environment.

Baby Play Gym

And, when it comes to play time, the Little Green sheep play gyms are made using solid wood rather than MDF for long-lasting quality, and are rarely treated. When they are, only natural oils and waxes are used.

Find out more about Natural Sleep Month, or learn more about natural sleep solutions

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