How to prepare for National Baby Day

National Baby Day

by Hannah James |

Here are Mother&Baby we believe that every day should be National Baby Day. However, May 2nd is the officially recognised day for hailing our little heartthrobs. Baby Day is a time to sit, reflect and love your baby. On this day, we encourage parents, grandparents, and guardians to spend some extra time with their beloved baby. Babies are only teeny and tiny for such a short time, then before you know it, they will be toddlers, school starters, and dare we even say, teenagers. If you are expecting a baby, why not spend the last baby day before you are a parent preparing for your new addition.

Learn about dummies this National Baby Day

One of the leading baby brands, MAM, has launched a #soothment movement. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, MAM is an expert in the development and well-being of babies. They state that one of the most natural and soothing things for a baby to do is suck. It’s one of the few instincts that your little bundle of joy is born with. Yet despite this interesting 'little-known-fact', many parents feel cautious about using a soother.

What are the benefits of using a soother?

• Sleep - Sucking is an excellent way to encourage your baby to self-soothe themselves to sleep.

• Reduce the risk of SIDS - Soothers may help protect your baby from SIDS and suffocation during sleep. A soother may stop your baby’s face from accidentally getting too close to the mattress or blanket.

• Helps development - researchers think that sucking on a soother might help babies develop better nerve reflexes and breathing muscles.

Best newborn soothers
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2. Bibs 2 Pack Dummy

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Buy some cute baby outfits

One of the most enjoyable purchases you will make for a baby is picking their outfits. Each parent’s preference and style will be reflected in their miniature baby. We love finding the cutest new outfits. So here is a selection of some of this season's must-haves.

3. Animal Friends Romper

Cutest Unisex Baby Romper


This woodland romper is perfect for Spring and summer. It is made out of organic cotton so it is

4. Cat Print Baby All-in-one


Is there anything more adorable than babies and kittens? If the answer for you is no. Then this is

Treat your baby to a pamper

Why not spend some time pampering your baby in preparation for National Baby Day. You could find a quiet warm space and practice giving your baby a massage. Did you know that baby massage is encouraging a bond between both you and your baby? It is a fantastic way to help your baby relax. It even helps them sleep better.

5. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

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6. Cocobelle Baby 250g Pure & Gentle Premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

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