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They may be tiny and cute, but folding your baby’s clothes is no simple task. And as tempting as it is to shove them into a drawer when you’re carrying out the mundane task of putting the washing away, folding and organising your baby’s clothes neatly will save you a lot of time (and creases) when it comes to getting them ready for the day.

As for the perfect folding technique, there’s only one person who knows how to satisfyingly fold clothes to perfection, and that’s Marie Kondo.

The KonMari method of folding applies to all kinds of baby clothes, whether it’s baby grows, vests or leggings. Although there are numerous ways to neatly fold away these items, as long as you are left with a neat and compact square at the end, you're doing it right!

Baby grows

Lay the baby grow on its front. Fold the sleeves in so they lay on the back of the bodysuit, creating straight lines either side of the baby grow. Fold it in half, bringing the bottom of the bodysuit up to the top, leaving a small gap, then fold again (depending on how long the baby grow is to create a square.

Vests and tops

Lay the vest on its front, then fold the sleeves in so they lay on the back of the shirt. Fold the bottom of the shirt to the middle of the back. Bring the bottom of the folded portion to the top of the vest.


Fold one leg over so it sits on top of the other leg. Tuck the top of the leg in between the legs so that it is straight on both sides. Then fold the bottom of the pants up to the waistband.


It’s always a good idea to hang dresses up in a wardrobe to avoid creases.

And it's not just baby clothes you can be a pro at folding. The KonMari method of folding can be applied to all garments whatever the size!

Virtual Marie Kondo classes

If you fancy learning a thing or two from Marie herself, the tidying expert has launched a 10-episode virtual course to help you 'master her unique tidying technique.' Available on her site, for just $39.99 (£32), you'll learn everything from making a tidying plan to sorting sentimental items.

Fancy finding out more? Have a watch of Marie's trailer below:

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