How to cut your baby’s nails

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There's understandably a lot to take in when your birth is first born but one surprising thing you might have noticed about your new arrival is just how long their fingernails are. Now while these look tiny, they still need to be cut.

Why do baby's nails need to be cut?

Babies fingernails are so small and they may be soft in the early days but they can still be sharp, potentially causing your baby to scratch both themselves and even you. They actually grow at quite a quick rate too so it's wise to keep them clean and trim them, however scary it may feel!

What do I need to cut my baby's nails?

All that is required to cut your child's nails is either a specific baby nail clipper or small, curved safety scissors. Alternatively, you might like to use a soft emery board.

How to cut your baby's nails

  • Your baby will pick up if you feel stressed, so try to stay calm. Equally, wait till they seem to calm or are even asleep before trying to cut their nails.

  • If your little one has jagged nails rather than long, instead of scissors, use an emery board to gently file away the edges.

  • Take one of your baby's fingers and hold it firmly.

  • Press your baby's finger pad away from the nail as you trim and hold it there. This will help you to avoid potentially catching the skin.

  • Put the clippers under the nail and press down slowly until the nail is cut. Or alternatively, use scissors.

  • If you accidentally cut your baby's finger by mistake, stay calm and don't panic. Simply apply pressure with a cotton ball or tissue until the bleeding stops.

  • If you don't manage to do all your baby's nails at once, don't worry! Just try to finish the job later.

How often should I cut my baby's nails?

When they are very small, you may find that you need to file your baby's fingernails every few days but eventually, you'll only need to do this around once a month.

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