Charlie Banana Organic Cotton Wipes

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Charlie Banana wipes

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Charlie Banana wipes
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Charlie Banana Organic Cotton Wipes at a glance:

Our panel of mum testers loved the fact these wipes stayed in shape, were gentle on the babies skin, and the fact they are eco-friendly.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy: I love that these are reusable and they stay in shape when they are washed. They are gentle on the babies skin so you know that when they are getting cleaned that there skin is also protected too. The fact they are environmentally friendly is an added bonus! We’re trying to reduce the use of plastic so that they can be used for an array of things is a real added bonus

Nadine: I absolutely love these wipes, you just put them into the wash and use them again and again. We also use cloth nappies so this means nothing is going into the bin at all, everything can go into one wet bag and into one wash load, so not only does this help the environment, it bulks out the laundry load which helps me, meaning I’m not waiting a few days for enough to wash them thoroughly.

Keri: I love this product! I’m really pro any eco friendly product and this is definitely one! So, this item really saves you money longer term as you don’t need to buy wet wipes plus there is the added bonus of saving rubbish going to landfill. To use these you just need to bring a water spray out. I brought the wipes out with me dry and had a water spray that I used - it was so easy to use! They would go in a wet bag and be washed with the normal clothes/nappies!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Keri: They are super easy to use, they are lightweight and small which means they fold up or go in a bag really easily (unlike “normal” wet wipes which can be quite heavy and bulky). They are really quick drying too and come with a lovely wet bag which is stylish. Overall I absolutely loved this product and would highly recommend this to other parents!

Nadine: I would absolutely recommend these wipes to other parents because disposable wipes are terrible for the environment! Also the reusable wipes are have no chemicals or products or anything on them, we just use water, this has meant no rashes, no sores, it’s basically free after the initial purchase which saves an absolute fortune in wipes! And finally, I think they clean better than wet wipes do, they don’t tear or ware at all, they just last and last.

Lucy: It is very versatile in the fact you can use them for your baby, to older child to even adult use. Can be used to clean bottoms, bodies within the bath but also be used to take make up. The material is soft and gentle on the skin which as a parent is what you want for your little one. Compact so can be easily stored too which I a bonus!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lucy: I haven’t used any of the other products int the similar line but would definitely recommend this to people i know. In fact I have purchased some for a friend who is expecting as I have spoken so much about them! In my eyes the fact it’s practical and environmentally friendly is a real win and recognition needs to be given. Real all round product!

Nadine: I would chose this product over the others because they are reusable, they are better for the environment and they do clean better. Also, I have used other cloth wipes and flannels in the past, however the Charlie banana wipes are a super soft material which is really gentle on my daughter’s skin, some other brands I have tried are more like towel material which can be quite rough. These are brilliant.

Keri: I felt these wipes were really good value for money as for £14.99 you get 10 wipes. They are cost effective I think the long term and also really eco friendly. Other simile products are more expensive and aren’t as good quality as these. I think this product should win as it’s brilliant and made my life miles easier!

What changes would you make to this product?

Keri: I don’t think I would change anything about this product, as I feel the price is good. The design and quality of the product is great and they worked well for us. We have used them quite a lot and they have worn well. I would defiantly recommend these to other parents as they are eco friendly and easy to use!

Beth: Having them as a colour rather than white which then wont stain as easily and don't then need to worry about getting stains out of the product. A bright colour (red, blue, pink?) would be nice to help make them more child friendly, maybe even with patterns on to help make wiping a face (which most babies don't like) more fun and engaging. Having a variety of colours in a pack could work well.

Melissa: I’m not sure I could change anything about the product itself it’s been absolutely fantastic and really opened my eyes to reusable products. Maybe some funky designs, or different colour options would improve the popularity of the product as like I said previously there isn’t much I’d change about the wipes themselves.

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