Tried&Tested: Asda Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies

Asda Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies

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Next up in our Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Asda Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies.

Find out what they thought here...

Have you tried Little Angels nappies before?

Charlotte Abbott: "Yes I have used Little Angels nappies before, along with a number of other brands. I sometimes shop at Asda supermarket and so I pick them up while shopping."

Kelly Wigley: "Yes, but only one pack when the baby was about a month old due to lockdown shortages."

Karen Staniforth: "I have previously used Little Angels nappies before when I was given some newborn ones when I had my son, but I haven’t used them since."

What did you like most about the product?

Annique Jeffrey: "The thing I liked most about the product is the amount of stretch and elasticity it has to offer."

Jen Bowie: "I really loved the size up guide as I haven't seen this before on a nappy. I also loved the sizing in general. I have an 18kg, tall, and fairly slim 2.5 year old and I generally struggle to get the tabs on a 5+/6 nappy over properly with other brands, which really annoys me. But I received size 4+ and 5 and both fit excellent (although the 5 probably best, but I used both with no issues and the 4+ were just in keeping with the size up guide). I also liked that the 'back' was written on just in case there are some less familiar nappy changers helping out!"

Emma Ashdown: "I liked how soft they were against my baby's skin, they also didn’t leak which is a massive bonus!"

Were the super-soft materials kind to your baby’s skin?

Chelsea Abbott: "Yes, even the outside of the nappy feels softer than other brands. We have never suffered from nappy irritation, and I saw no irritation using these nappies."

Kelly Wigley: "Yes, I liked the feel of them, especially as they didn’t feel stiff like some other brands."

Diane Connaughton: "After a full weeks' usage, there were no rashes or a sore bottom. So yes, very kind."

Did you like the stretchy waist elastic at the back of the nappy? Why?

Charlene Rowe: "I absolutely loved the stretchy waist in the back of the nappy. It gives reassurance of a better fit and for movement for my active baby girl, win, win."

Annique Jeffrey: "I love the stretchy waist elastic that’s at the back of the nappy because it offers that extra bit of give, to provide a secure fit once you’ve taped on the nappy. For me, it just means the nappies of this size will last that little bit longer for my little one and I won’t have to move her up to the next size so quickly."

Jen Bowie: "I really like the stretchy waist elastic - maybe this is why the fit was so much better than other brands I have used! We get a lot of leaks with other brands as she is a very heavy wetter and you could visibly see some of these nappies were full to the brim and still no leakage!"

Did the product absorb moisture quickly? (How did this compare to others?)

Emma Ashdown: "The nappy filled up quicker than a different nappy that I have used."

Chelsea Abbott: "Yes, I found the nappies highly absorbent. I found that at night time (over 12 hours) they were less prone to leaking than the other brand of nappies I frequently use. They did still leak urine over the 12 hours on some occasions, but I know that buying a + with extra absorbency would likely solve this problem. I never had problems with leakage during the day."

Diane Connaughton: "Very absorbent, only thing is the nappies, when weed in, have a very strong chemical smell. Not nice."

Were you aware of the size-up guide on the front of the nappy and do you think it’s useful?

Jen Bowie: "I found the size-up guide really useful and wonder why nobody else seems to have this - this alone would make me buy Little Angels in future."

Emma Ashdown: "I was not aware until I read over the information on the product. This is really, really useful."

How does this product compare to others you’ve used?

Chelsea Abbott: "I have used a number of brands of nappies in the past but, after using Little Angels specifically against other brands I like and frequently use, I can say that I think the Little Angels nappies are better because of the more snug fit and higher absorbancy."

Kelly Wigley: "I don’t regularly shop at Asda but would be tempted to make a special trip for these nappies."

Kerry Hewitt: "This nappy didn't leave my daughter with sore skin. We were able to use them overnight with no leaks."

Would you recommend this product to other parents? Why/why not?

Diane Connaughton: "Yes. Definitely, I will stick to this brand, very reliable and good quality."

Karen Staniforth: "I would and I have recommended these nappies to others as I feel they are extremely good value for money and great quality. I don’t think I will ever use another nappy brand after trying these nappies."

Charlene Rowe: "Yes, I would recommend to other parent friends as this is a good leading high street brand more affordable no doubt and doesn’t skimp on quality."

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