9 ‘unpopular’ baby names young parents are now avoiding

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A handful of once popular baby names are now being shunned because of their 'negative' connotations in the modern world.

Yep, some pretty monikers have faced the mighty wrath of 2018 and have an even lower chance on appearing on this year's top baby names listthan ever before.

Some are a result of viral memes, low-brow reality tv stars and even Amazon is to blame for the fall of some baby names.

Here are the 9 'unpopular' baby names young parents are now avoiding according to channelmums.com...


Unpopular baby names

Alexa1 of 9


  1. Alexa - Two thirds of young parents are deciding against the girl's name, because it's the same name as Amazon’s digital assistant.
Felicia2 of 9


  1. Felicia - the 'Bye Felicia' viral meme and well-used catchphrase to say goodbye to something/someone you didn't like, has saw the name's popularity slide.
Christian3 of 9


  1. Christian - not only the name used for the very kinky Mr Grey, but is also feeling 'old-fashioned' in today's multicultured Britain.
Scarlett4 of 9


  1. Scarlett - millennials are now lusting after softer pinks and purples and are favouring names such a Violet for their new arrival.
Katie5 of 9


  1. Katie - From new mums not wanting to copy Kate Middleton, to the very controversial remarks by Katie Hopkins - this name has become less popular in 2018.
Stan6 of 9


  1. Stan - New parents are wary after the hashtag Stan is slang for 'stalker fan'.
Harvey7 of 9


  1. Harvey - Weinstein... need we say more.
Ryan8 of 9


  1. Ryan - this name has plummeted in popularity after mums are worried of the connection to the budget airline.
Lauren9 of 9


  1. Lauren - With plenty of reality TV star connections, it’s no longer an aspirational choice

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