12 baby names at risk of extinction in the UK

Extinct baby names

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You always know when you’ve found ‘the one’, whether that’s your partner, your wedding dress or a name for your baby.

Whilst we’ve predicted the top baby names for 2019, it seems these are the names at risk of extinction this year.

Baby names at risk of extinction:


Extinct baby names

baby names facing extinction in the UK1 of 13


How to grow a clever baby2 of 13


A cute choice for Harry Potter fans, this French baby name facing extinction means 'new town'.

Cute baby3 of 13


A Scottish baby name that has fallen in favour here in the UK.

Doris4 of 13


A cute, Greek baby name meaning 'gift of the ocean'.

Clarence5 of 13


A Latin baby name, meaning 'bright'.

Derek6 of 13


A traditional English baby name meaning 'the people's ruler'.

Sally7 of 13


Although it might not be the most popular name these days, Sally actually means 'princess'!

Paula8 of 13


The feminine version of Paul, that actually means 'small'.

Wendy9 of 13


A cute name invented by Sir James Barrie in 1904 for the big sister of Peter Pan.

Geoffrey10 of 13


An old-fashioned name meaning 'pledge of peace'.

Baby wishlist11 of 13


An English name meaning 'maker of wagons'.

Baby girl or boy12 of 13


An old French form of Helen meaning 'bright, shining light'.

Baby girl13 of 13


A Hebrew name meaning 'plain'.

None of them for you? Don’t worry, why not try our baby name generator to get some more ideas.

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