40 superhero names and their epic meanings

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Trying to choose a babyname can be tricky, so sometimes it's worth looking through some themed moniker galleries to give you some much-need inspiration. From Disney to Game of Thrones to Harry Potter inspired names, there are plenty of avenues to explore when naming your little one.

Here are 40 cool superhero baby names (oh and some villains' names, too!) that are packed with serious power, kindness, and courage...

Superhero baby names:


Superhero Baby Names

Bruce1 of 40

1) Bruce

Superhero: Batman
Alter ego: Bruce Wayne

The English name meaning "thick brush", Bruce is a charming baby name.

Cassandra2 of 40

2) Cassandra

Superhero: Batgirl
Alter ego: Cassandra Cain

This sophisticated name is traditional but it can be shortened to "Cassie" or "Cass" as a cute nickname. The Greek meaning for the name is "unheeded prophetess".

Charles3 of 40

3) Charles

Superhero: Professor X
Alter ego: Charles Xavier

Charles is a popular name often used by royals, that today is often changed to "Charlie". It's meaning originates from Germanic 'karl' which means "free-man".

Diana4 of 40

4) Diana

Superhero: Wonder Woman
Alter ego: Diana Prince

Meaning "heavenly divine" this name would be wonderful for your little girl. It's been a popular name for years, the Roman goddess of the moon was even called Diana.

Clark5 of 40

5) Clark

Superhero: Superman
Alter ego: Clark Kent

This name would be perfect for your little hero! Meaning "scholar" this name has a lot of potential for any super little boy and the name "Kent" is even becomming increasingly popular.

Dinah6 of 40

6) Dinah

Superhero: Black Canary
Alter Ego: Dinah Drake

Can also be spelt "Dina" this name come from Hebrew meaning "judged". This name is not that common which is ideal if you're looking for something a little different.

Diego7 of 40

7) Diego

Superhero: Zorro
Alter ego: Don Diego de la Vega

This name is highly popular in Spain meaning "he that replaces". Why not go for something a little different? Don Diego's superhero name "Zorro" is also sneaking its way onto a list of baby names.

Harley8 of 40

8) Harley

Superhero: Harley Quinn
Alter ego: Harleen Frances Quinzel

Whilst the character might not be hugely popular in the superhero world, the name is becoming inceasingly popular. Ideal for baby girls or boys, the name means "hare's meadow".

Grey9 of 40

9) Grey

Superhero: Marvel Girl
Alter ego: Jean Grey

The superhero might be a girl, but this name would suit any little boy (or girl!). It will definitely stand out on the class regisiter as an unusual but fun name.

Ivy10 of 40

10) Ivy

Superhero: Poison Ivy
Alter ego: Pamela Lillian Isley

The symbol of faithfulness, Ivy makes a charming name for a little girl.

Hal11 of 40

11) Hal

Superhero: Green Lantern
Alter ego: Hal Jordan

Hal is often a nickname for "Henry" but we think it works great for a little boys name. This name means "rules his household" which we can believe at times...

Jaime12 of 40

12) Jaime

Superhero: Bionic Woman
Alter ego: Jaime Sommers

The feminine form of 'James', this name is unique for any little girl. Though it's pronounced differently, the phrase j'aime in French means "I love".

Hank13 of 40

13) Hank

Superhero: Ant-Man
Alter ego: Hank Pym

This simple name might sound old-fashioned but it makes a big mark. Meaning "house ruler" this little boy will definitely have you wrapped around his little finger.

Jennifer14 of 40

14) Jennifer

Superhero: She-Hulk
Alter ego: Jennifer Walters

Don't be put off by this characters persona as the Arthurian meaning of the name is "fair one". This name is incredibly feminanine and can be shortened to "Jen" or "Jenny" as a nickname.

Jay15 of 40

15) Jay

Superhero: The Flash
Alter ego: Jay Garrick

The name of a bird and meaning "to rejoice", this simple name will suit any speedy little boy.

Kara16 of 40

16) Kara

Superhero: Superwoman
Alter Ego: Kara Zor-El

What name would be more perfect for your little supergirl? Meaning "beloved" or "dear" this name will be lovely for a gorgeous baby girl. Alternate spelling "Cara".

Kit17 of 40

17) Kit

Superhero: The Phantom
Alter ego: Kit Walker

Kit is often the nickname of "Christopher" but we think it stands well as a name on its own. This name has become more popular after actor Kit Harington's rise to success.

Kitty18 of 40

18) Kitty

Superhero: Shadowcat
Alter ego: Kitty Pryde

This unusual baby girls name is super cute! It's normally used as a nickname for "Catherine" or "Kathleen" but it definitely can be used as a name in its own right.

Lex19 of 40

19) Lex

Superhero: Lex Luthor
Alter ego: Alexander Joseph Luthor

You might not be a fan of the character but "Lex" is a noble name and Greek for "defender of men".

Lois20 of 40

20) Lois

Superhero: none
Alter ego: Lois Lane

What better name for a baby girl than Lois? Meaning "more desirable" this name is easy to fall in love with.

Logan21 of 40

21) Logan

Superhero: Wolverine
Alter ego: James Howlett; Logan; Weapon X

Meaning "little hollow" this cheerful name can be used for a baby boy or girl.

Lorna22 of 40

22) Lorna

Superhero: Polaris
Alter ego: Lorna Dane

If you're looking for a name that's a little different then this is perfect. It's cute and quirky that refers to the laurel tree, symbolic of "honor" or "victory".

Loki23 of 40

23) Loki

Superhero: Loki
Alter ego: Loki Laufeyson

Its Germanic roots mean "lock" and its a gorgeous boys name which will suit any mischievous baby boy.

May24 of 40

24) May

Superhero: The Cavalary
Alter ego: Melinda May

This simple name sounds very graceful. Derived from the month of May, this name is very popular for little girls born in spring.

Matt25 of 40

25) Matt

Superhero: Daredevil
Alter ego: Matthew Murdock

The Hebrew meaning of this name is "gift" so what could be better for your little baby boy? Often the nickname of "Matthew" it comes from the Greek name "Matthaios".

Natalie26 of 40

26) Natalie

Superhero: Black Widow
Alter ego: Natalie Romanova

Natalie is a very popular name and can be shortened to "Nat". This name has French origin meaning "birthday of the Lord".

Oliver27 of 40

27) Oliver

Superhero: Green Arrow
Alter ego: Oliver Jonas Queen

The meaning of the name Oliver is "the olive tree" which symbolises beauty and peace. The feminine version of this name is 'Olive'.

Nova28 of 40

28) Nova

Superhero: Nova
Alter ego: Richard Rider

Taking inspiration from this Marvel superhero, we love the name Nova. From Latin meaning "new" this name would be lovely for a newborn baby girl.

Peter29 of 40

29) Peter

Superhero: Spider-Man
Alter ego: Peter Parker

A much loved superhero with a timeless name. It has a Greek origin meaning "rock".

Pamela30 of 40

30) Pamela

Superhero: Poison Ivy
Alter ego: Pamela Lillian Isley

This super makes the list again with her alter ego name "Pamela". With an English origin meaning "all honey" it's a classic girls name that can always be shortened to "Pam".

Reed31 of 40

31) Reed

Superhero: Mr Fantastic
Alter ego: Reed Richards

If you're looking for something a little different for your baby boy then the name Reed is perfect. The origin of the name comes from the colour 'red'.

Raven32 of 40

32) Raven

Superhero: Mystique
Alter ego: Raven Darkholme

Taking its name from the animal which symbolises pride this name is not commonly used.

Steven33 of 40

33) Steven

Superhero: Captain America
Alter ego: Steven Rogers

A name which often runs in the family, the origin meaning "garland" or "crown".

Scarlet34 of 40

34) Scarlett

Superhero: Scarlett Witch
Alter ego: Wanda Maximoff

A powerful name for a little girl that originates from Enlish "scarlet, red". If you love the colour red then this name could be the one for you!

Thor35 of 40

35) Thor

Superhero: Thor
Alter ego: God of Thunder

Its Norse origin meaning "thunder", this unique baby boys name will definitely make a bold statement.

Selina36 of 40

36) Selina

Superhero: Catwoman
Alter ego: Selina Kyle

Similar to Celine or Selene, this name comes from Greek mythological goddess "the moon".

Tony37 of 40

37) Tony

Superhero: Iron Man
Alter ego: Tony Stark

This priceless name literally has the meaning of "priceless one". Simple and classic, you can always have Tony as a nickname for "Anthony".

Skye38 of 40

38) Skye

Superhero: Skye
Alter ego: Daisy Johnson

This adventurous name would be beautiful for any baby girl. An alternate spelling would be "Sky" but both sound natural and free-spirited.

Xavier39 of 40

39) Xaivier

Superhero: Professor X
Alter ego: Charles Xavier

Although this name is a little more unusual, it will be different to any other boys names when your little one goes to school. This name can be pronounced ZAY-vee-er or ex-ZAY-vee-er and shortened to 'xaive' for a cute nickname.

Wanda40 of 40

40) Wanda

Superhero: Scarlett Witch
Alter ego: Wanda Maximoff

The Slavic origin meaning of this name is "wanderer" and it's rarely heard of. Little baby Wanda would definitely stand out with this cute name.

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