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Hunting for a cute baby name isn't always as easy as you'd think it would be. But if one or two syllables simply aren’t enough for your baby’s name, we have picked some of our favourite long names for you to consider.

Sometimes short baby names can be just that, too short, and you might want to give your little one a little nickname while they're growing up - and let's face it, you can't shorten a name like Ava or Leo.

So if a longer name is something you prefer, we've picked out favourite long names that you'll love too. And they should be pretty easy to shorten, too, so whether you like Eve, Monty, or Alex, there’s a name for you on the list!

Long boy names

Theodore: This name is a popular name for a baby boy. From Greek origin meaning "gift of God", Theodore has been a favourite, and can even be shortened to "Theo".

Zachariah: This name is a truly impressive name meaning "the Lord has remembered".

Jonathan: Jonathan is a traditional name that's still very popular, and is a great long name. Of Hebrew origin, it means "gift".

Lawrence: Another name that's perfect for a baby boy or girl, Lawrence is a strong long name, that can even be shortened to "Lawry" for a lovely little nickname. Of Latin origin, the name comes from "Laurentium", a Roman city known for its laurel trees. The trees are a symbol of wisdom and achievement.

Penelope: Of Greek origin meaning "weaver" this name sounds glamorous and makes for a lovely long name. It keeps rising in popularity, but it isn't a common name, meaning your baby girl will have the sweetest name on the class register.

Lysander: An unusual but strong name for a baby boy, Lysander is of Greek origin meaning "Liberator".

Alexander: Alexander has always been a popular boy name and is often shortened to "Alex". Of Greek origin, the name means "defending men".

Christopher: Meaning "bearer of Christ", the name Christopher is of Greek and Latin origin. It's a classic name for a baby boy, and can be shortened to "Chris".

Benjamin: Meaning "son of the right hand", Benjamin is of Hebrew origin and is also a popular, long boys name. While we love the name as it is, it can be shortened to "Ben" or "Benji" for a cool nickname.

Bartholomew: A rare choice for a baby boy's name, but we love how it sounds. Meaning "son of the furrow", Bartholomew is a great choice for a boy.

Harrison: Harrison is a great baby boy name that is a longer version of the traditional name "Harry". The name is of English origin and also means "son of Harry".

Harrington: Of English origin, the name Harrington has been made popular through the famous actor Kit Harington. It makes a great baby boy's name and can even be shortened to "Harry".

Montgomery: We love the name Montgomery, and its nickname "Monty" even more! From Norman origin, the name means "manpower".

Macaulay: Of Scottish origin, the name means "son of righteousness". It's a smart, long name for a baby boy and can be shortened to "Mac".

Lorenzo: Lorenzo is the Italian variation of "Lawrence" and almost gives a whole new lease of life to the name.

Long girl names

Anastasia: From Greek origin meaning "resurrection", Anastasia is a beautiful name that can even be shortened to "Ana" for a cute nickname.

Vivienne: Vivienne is the French variation of "Vivian" meaning "life" and is a beautiful long name.

Josephine: Josephine is the French feminine variation of Joseph, which is of Hebrew origin.

Gabriella: This lovely girl's name is the Italian, feminine variation of the name Gabriel. Meaning "God is my strength", the name was very popular in 2018.

Cassandra: Meaning "prophetess", the name Cassandra is of Greek origin. It's a lovely baby girls name, which can be shortened to "Cassie" as a nickname. This incredibly sweet name is the perfect long name that isn't very common either.

Charlotte: Your baby girl will share the same name as the Royal Princess if you give her this beautiful long name. Meaning "freeman", the name is of French origin.

Genevieve: While Genevieve is quite an uncommon name, we think it's sweet for a baby girl. The name is of French origin meaning "tribeswoman".

Evangeline: Evangeline is a gorgeous baby girl name and sounds timeless. Of Greek origin, the meaning is "bearer of good news".

Isabella: The name Isabella is a popular baby girl's name, sounding both modern and traditional. Meaning "pledged to God", the name is of Hebrew origin.

Constance: Of Latin origin, the name Constance is a beautiful long name meaning "steadfastness".

Arabella: Arabella is a popular girl name that's also a beautiful long name. It's of Latin origin and means "to prayer".

Olympia: This beautiful name comes from "Mount Olympus", home of the Greek Gods. It almost sounds like a goddess's name.

Long unisex names

Remington: This name is where the nickname "Remi" comes from. It means "place on a riverbank" and it would be a great name for a baby boy or girl.

Dominique: A long name that's great for a baby boy or baby girl. It also means "belonging to a lord".

Mackenzie: A lovely for a baby girl or boy, Mackenzie is of Scottish origin.

Dakota: From the name of the Native American people of the northern Mississippi Valley and the two states named Dakota.

Addison: A British name meaning 'son of Adam.'

Indigo: With English and Greek origins, it comes from the name for the deep blue dye.

Cameron: This gender neutral name is thought to have come from the Gaelic word “cam sron” which means “crooked nose” or “cam abhainn” which means “crooked river.”

Cassidy: Derived from the Irish surname, it comes from the Goidelic given name Caiside, meaning "clever" or "curly-haired."

Emerson: Of German origin meaning brave, powerful and Child of Emery.

If you have decided to find out the gender of your baby, and you’re looking for a boys name to suit your son or a girly name fit for a daughter, then our round up of the best long girl names and boy names are full of both unique and traditional ideas to add to your list of possible baby names. You can also head to our baby name generatorwhere you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with.

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