24 Game of Thrones inspired baby names (and their meanings!)

game of thrones names for babies and their meanings

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Whether or not dragons are your cup of tea, it's a fact undisputed that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular tv series of our time. (Er, let's not go into the final episode).

So it's no wonder why parents-to-be are seeking out a GoT inspired name for their little bundle of joy. The medieval monikers are also incredibly magical and will definitely stand out on the school register!

It feels like it's been forever since series eight ended, so if you need a refresher, check out this list of potential GoT inspired baby names and their meanings in the Dothraki language...

24 Game of Thrones baby names:


Game of Thrones baby names and meanings

Bran1 of 24

1) Bran

Character: Bran Stark
Meaning: Raven

Asha2 of 24

2) Asha

Character: Asha Greyjoy
Meaning: Life

Davos3 of 24

3) Davos

Character: Davos Seaworth
Meaning: Beloved

Cersei4 of 24

4) Cersei

Character: Cersei Lannister
Meaning: Enchantress

Doran5 of 24

5) Doran

Character: Doran Martell
Meaning: Wanderer

Daenerys6 of 24

6) Daenerys

Character: Daenerys Targaryen
Meaning: Born of the storm

JoJen7 of 24

7) Jojen

Character: Jojen Reed
Meaning: God is gracious

Gilly8 of 24

8) Gilly

Character: Gilly Craster
Meaning: My joy

Jorah9 of 24

9) Jorah

Character: Jorah Mormont
Meaning: He has reproached

Khaleesi10 of 24

10) Khaleesi

Character: Daenerys Targaryen
Meaning: Queen

Loras11 of 24

11) Loras

Character: Loras Tyrell
Meaning: Sorrow

Myrcella12 of 24

12) Myrcella

Character: Myrcella Baratheon
Meaning: Princess

Mace13 of 24

13) Mace

Character: Mace Tyrell
Meaning: Powerful weapon

Nymeria14 of 24

14) Nymeria

Character: Nymeria Sand
Meaning: Warrior Queen

Randyll15 of 24

15) Randall

Character: Randyll Tarly
Meaning: Wolf

Olenna16 of 24

16) Olenna

Character: Olenna Tyrell
Meaning: Shining light

Rodrik17 of 24

17) Roderick

Character: Rodrik Cassel
Meaning: Famous ruler

Sansa18 of 24

18) Sansa

Character: Sansa Stark
Meaning: Praise or charm

Theon19 of 24

19) Theon

Character: Theon Greyjoy
Meaning: Godly

Shae20 of 24

20) Shae

Character: Shae of Lorath
Meaning: Courteous

Tyrion21 of 24

21) Tyrion

Character: Tyrion Lannister
Meaning: Nobility

Talisa22 of 24

22) Talisa

Character: Talisa Stark
Meaning: Forest

Walder23 of 24

23) Walder

Character: Walder Frey
Meaning: Forest dweller

Yara24 of 24

24) Yara

Character: Yara Greyjoy
Meaning: Precious gem


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