20 names the ‘naughtiest’ children have, according to a study

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Could your toddler’s name influence his behaviour? According to a new study, it might…

The names of children with the best and worst behaviour have been revealed in a poll.

For the 11th year running, School Stickers have revealed that children with names such as Ella, Joshua, Holly, and Benjamin tend to be naughty while Amy, Sophie, Harry, and Jack are the best behaved.

Researchers looked at over 63,000 school children who kept track of their good behaviour in online sticker books and found the 20 nicest baby boy names and the 20 nicest baby girl names.

20 of the 'naughtiest' boys and girls names


Naughty baby names

Ella1 of 20

1) Ella

Means: light

Ella2 of 20

2) Ella

Means: he will add

Bethany3 of 20

3) Bethany

Means: house of affliction

Cameron4 of 20

4) Cameron

Means: crooked river

Eleanor5 of 20

5) Eleanor

Means: bright, shining one

William6 of 20

6) William

Means: strong-willed warrior

Olivia7 of 20

7) Olivia

Means: olive

Jake8 of 20

8) Jake

Means: god is gracious

Laura9 of 20

9) Laura

Means: bay laurel plant

Joshua10 of 20

10) Joshua

Means: lord is salvation

Holly11 of 20

11) Holly

Means: holly grove

Jamie12 of 20

12) Jamie

Means: supplanter

Courtney13 of 20

13 Courtney

Means: from the court

Lewis14 of 20

14) Lewis

Means: renowned warrior

Amber15 of 20

15) Amber

Means: reddish yellow gemstone

Benjamin16 of 20

16) Benjamin

Meaning: son of the right hand

Caitlin17 of 20

17) Caitlin

Means: pure

Ethan18 of 20

18) Ethan

Means: firm, strong and long-lived

Jade19 of 20

19) Jade

Means: stone of the colic

Luke20 of 20

20) Luke

Means: light giving

This year, some new additions have been added to the list, featuring even more of the naughtiest boys and girls' names.

For the girls, Alexandra, Lydia, Libby, Aimee, and Imogen have been added to the naughtiest names, whereas boys with the names Logan, Jamie, Owen, Connor, and Archie are also said to be causing some mischief.

The names that are said to be the on the nice list have also been announced by School Stickers:

Nicest girl names:

smiling baby
  • Amy

  • Georgia

  • Emma

  • Charlotte

  • Grace

  • Sophie

  • Abigail

  • Hannah

  • Emily

  • Alice

  • Jessica

  • Chloe

  • Megan

  • Ella

  • Ruby

Nicest boy names:

cute boy
  • Jacob

  • Daniel

  • Thomas

  • James

  • Adam

  • Harry

  • Samuel

  • Jack

  • Oliver

  • Ryan

  • Joshua

  • Charlie

  • Ethan

  • Matthew

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