22 Russian baby girl names you can’t help but fall in love with

Russian baby girl names

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Russian baby girl names are some of the most romantic and beautiful out there.

From embracing an old-fashioned name to finding a modern quirky one, you're sure to see a name you love on this list of 22 Russian baby girl names.

Popular Russian girl names

  1. Alya - The Russian short form of Alexandra, Alya is a beautiful name with a great meaning: defending men. This charming variation is much more modern, not to mention adorable.

  2. Anastasia - This old fashioned Russian name was once extremely regal, and is now popular all over the world. Regularly referenced in pop culture and the name of a huge cosmetic brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, Anastasia shows no sign of slipping down the baby name charts.

  3. Angelina - Can you even think of the name Angelina without jumping to the amazing Angelina Jolie? The Russian diminutive of Angela, Angelina will remain popular for decades thanks to the humanitarian goddess. Not only is it beautiful, it also means angel.

  4. Bela - In Slavic cultures, Bela is a strictly masculine name. However, we love to switch things up and for the more unconventional parents, we think Bela is a beautifully feminine variation on Bella.

  5. Dasha - This Russian variation of Dariya is as charming as it is unique. With traditional ties to Russia, this name is a great choice if you want a less conventional name that still embraces the culture.

  6. Evva - The Russian version of Eve, which means life, Evva is a beautiful and unique name. It could be shortened to Eva, although it may then lose its Russian twang.

  7. Gala - A Slavic form of Galina, we much prefer Gala. The name of Salvador Dali's wife, Gala means healer.

  8. Irina - Meaning peace, Irina has increased in popularity thanks to Russian model Irina Shayk. As beautiful as the model herself, this name is one of our favourites.

  9. Irya- A beautiful Russian variation on Irene, Irya means peace. It fits perfectly into the Isla, Ava and Mila trend while adding a unique twist.

  10. Jelena- The first name of model Gigi Hadid, Jelena is a beautiful and modern choice. Pronounced 'yay-lay-nuh', it's as quirky as it is charming. However, bear in mind this is the relationship name of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, so you may have to pray they don't rekindle their love!

  11. Izabele- We love this beautifully different way of spelling Isabelle, which has a religious meaning of pledged to God. This name is rarely out of fashion, and the Russian version adds a certain uniqueness that will differentiate your child's name from the rest.

  12. Karina- A popular name across the world, Karina is a charming name. It is a great variation on Corrina, which burst onto the baby name charts after Bob Dylan released his song by the same name.

  13. Katerina - A gorgeous variation on Katherine, any fans of The Vampire Diaries will recognise this name as that off Katerina Petrova- a feisty, if somewhat evil, villain in the series. We love how exotic this name sounds, and it's served Kat Graham well in her acting and singing career.

  14. Katia - We love this fabulously exotic name. Meaning pure, it is the Russian diminutive of Ekaterina. It is also the name of Denzel Washington's daughter, anything that is good enough for Denzel is good enough for us!

  15. Larissa - A fresh take on the more commonly used Melissa, Larissa is a beautiful name that has great links to Greek mythology. According to legend, Larissa was a nymph who was the daughter of Pegasus and loved by mercury. In honour of this, the name was given to a moon of Neptune in 1991.

  16. Madelina - This beautiful form of Madeline, Madelina is a more melodic version. It is unique enough to sound exotic, while still easily pronounced.

  17. Mila - Storming up the baby name charts in the last few years, Mila is a favourite of many parents. Possibly thanks to the amazing Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis, we are obsessed with this gorgeous name!

  18. Natalya - If you celebrate Christmas, Natalya is a perfect name for any December babies as it means Christmas. With an abundance of nicknames available, this Russian baby girl name is cute and versatile.

  19. Nika - Another great unique name that just fits into the trend towards Isla, Mila and Ava. Nika is the name of an annual national film award in Russia and can be used easily across both genders.

  20. Polina - The feminine version of Paul, Polina is a beautiful Russian name notably attached to famous figure skaters Polina Igorevna Tsurskaya and Polina Edmunds.

  21. Stasya - A modern variation on Anastaia and Stacy, we think Stasya is an exceptional, modern choice. Beautiful and unique, it is perfect for any baby girl.

  22. Tati - The short form of classic Russian name Tatiana, Tati is becoming increasingly popular thanks to model Tati Cotliar. Charming yet different, this name is a gorgeous unconventional choice.

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