30 Spanish boy names you’re bound to love

Spanish boy names

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby is possibly one of the most difficult decisions you'll have to make on your journey to parenthood.

Whether you’re embracing your heritage, or trying to find a name that will make him stand out in the playground, we've rounded up some of the most popular, cute and unusual Spanish baby boy names out there that are definitely worth considering if you're looking for a name for your baby boy.

  1. Alfonso – Meaning ‘noble’, Alfonso was a royal name in Spain as far back as the 7th century. It’s pretty rare here in the UK, so he’ll almost definitely be the only Alfonso in his class!

  2. Leonardo – We love that this cute name means ‘brave lion’. The Spanish variation of Leonard, whether he’ll be a great artist (Leonardo da Vinci) or Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, we’re sure he’ll live up to his great name.

  3. Diego – Meaning ‘supplanter’, this is the Spanish form of the popular UK name James.

  4. Santiago – A Spanish place name and the patron saint of Spain, this name is super popular abroad. Meaning ‘Saint James’.

  5. Matheo – Meaning ‘gift of God’, this is the Spanish variation of Matthew. Growing in popularity in the UK, actor Colin Firth names his son Matteo, which is the Italian form of the name.

  6. Antonio – Another name of Spanish origin with an adorable meaning – ‘priceless one’, Antonio is a popular name amongst Shakespeare fans. The Spanish variation of Antony, cute nicknames includes Tonio.

  7. Sebastián – Popular in Spain, this name of Latin origin means ‘revered’. We particularly like the adorable nickname Seb.

  8. Felipe – A royal Spanish name that makes a cute and exotic alternative to the more traditionally English Philip.

  9. Andrés – Meaning ‘manly and brave’, this Spanish name is a variant of the English Andrew. We’re sure your little warrior will live up to his name.

  10. Arrio – Don’t let the meaning of this cute name put you off, meaning ‘warlike’, we love this unusual choice.

  11. Cruz – A name now made popular by Victoria and David Beckham, who named their third son Cruz, born in Madrid in 2005. Other parents love the Christian associations to the name, meaning ‘cross’ in Spanish.

  12. Demetrio – A name meaning ‘earth lover’, you’ll have a little environmentalist in your midst!

  13. Fito – A Spanish name meaning ‘noble wolf’, Fito’s are said to be strong, masculine and self-assured.

  14. Javier – A popular Spanish variation of Xavier, meaning ‘bright’.

  15. Juan - Spanish variant of John, meaning ‘God is gracious'. It is also becoming a popular name for girls in China, with the meaning of ‘chapter or scroll’ in Mandarin.

  16. Pasqual – The Spanish spelling of this popular name, meaning ‘Easter’, this is the perfect choice for your Spring baby boy!

  17. Miguel - Spanish form of Michael, meaning ‘resembles God’.

  18. Rico – Meaning ‘dominant ruler’, this is the Spanish diminutive of Ricardo. He might be the only Rico in the playground, but we’re sure you’ll always love his unusual name.

  19. Arlo - Spanish, meaning ‘barberry tree’, can also be used for girls.

  20. Rafael – A popular Latino name, Rafael, meaning ‘God has healed’ has been popular for years.

  21. Octavio – Still one of the most popular names in Spain, this was, at one time, a name used for the eighth child in a family!

  22. Marco – The Spanish and Italian version of Mark, this classic name actually means ‘warlike’. Famous Marco’s include world-famous cook, Marco Pierre White and of course, Marco Polo.

  23. Carlos - Th Spanish version of Charles meaning "'ree man'.

  24. Lorenzo – Another name that is popular in both Spain and Italy, this is also a popular Shakespearean name. Renzo and Enzo are two cute nicknames to consider.

  25. Hugo – Meaning ‘intellect’, this is the Latin version of Hugh. The name Ron and Hermione give their son in the final Harry Potter novel, Hugo is one of the most popular Spanish names on this list.

  26. Pablo - Spanish, meaning ‘little’. Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso was one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

  27. Jose - This is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Joseph meaning 'Jehovah increases'.

  28. Emiliano - Is the Italian and Spanish variation of Emil which means 'work'.

  29. Alejandro - Love the name Alexander but want something a little different? Alejandro is the Spanish version of Alexander meaning 'defending men'.

  30. Sergio - Often shortened to Serge this Latin name, means ‘servant’.

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