70 Japanese boy names for your baby

Japanese baby boy names

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If you're looking for something cool yet unique to name your baby, our list of Japanese boy names is perfect for you. You might be embracing your Japanese heritage or just want a cool, modern name with heartfelt meaning but either way, we have an abundance of great names to choose from. Here is our list of the most popular and unique Japanese names for boys to choose from. We've also included names that mean dark, fire, moon and warrior. You really will be spoilt for choice!

Fuji- Beautiful and unusual, Fuji means to honour the majestic mountain. We love the ode to the great Mount Fuji, as well as how unconventional this name is.

Akiro- This super cool name means bright boy and is the name of legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

Daiki- A good one if this is your first child, this name means grand first son.

Haruki- Another unusual choice, Haruki is perfect for Spring babies meaning spring child. It could also be shortened to Ruki.

Issey- Great for your first child, Issey means first-born and can also be spelt Issei. Its most famous bearer is Issey Miyake, a fashion designer known for his techno clothes.

Botan- This more westernised name means peony, a beautiful flower associated with riches and honour.

Naoki- We don't know about you, but we love the sound of this name which means honest tree.

Maro- This unique name means from Mars in popular culture, however in Japanese means myself. We love the twist on the feminine form Mara.

Jiro- Meaning second son, Juro is a popular Japanese baby boy name and is shared by many famous Japanese figures.

Izumi- Having a baby in Spring? What about this baby boy name which means spring or fountain.

Kane- A more conventional option, Kane has multiple origins and meanings. Most notably it means warrior, however, in Japanese it also means golden. Notable as the main character in Citizen Kane, it is also a common surname.

Kenji- We love this adorable name, you might recognise it as the ship name for Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's friendship. It's a traditional Japanese name, and a more unconventional choice for parents in the UK.

Obama- Want your baby boy to have an unforgettable name? Obama, after the 44th President of the USA, is sure to be just that. While Obama originated from the Luo people of Kenya, it is also the name of a city in Japan and is a common surname meaning little beach.

Raiden- An even cooler equivalent to popular name Jayden, Raiden is the Japanese God of thunder. Pronounced rye-den, it is both strong and unique.

Seiji- Envisage a future lawyer in your baby boy? Seiji means lawful and just, popular in Japan for its association with conductor Seiji Ozawa.

Takeo- This name not only sounds powerful but it also has a great meaning: strong as bamboo. It is well appreciated in Japan and remains a popular choice for many parents.

Yukio- Perfect for Christmas babies, Yukio not only sounds adorable but it also means snow boy. It is associated with independence in Japanese culture and can be shortened to the extra cute 'Yuki'.

Sanjiro- With a biblical meaning relating to Christian saints, Sanjiro means admired and praised. We love how unusual this name is and its heartfelt meaning.

Tora- This gender-neutral name might sound too feminine for conventional parents, but it's meaning is great for both genders: tiger!

Rio- You might know Rio as the capital of Brazil, but it also has an abundance of Japanese meanings including white jasmine and cherry blossom. We love how cool it sounds.

Mio- We are obsessed with this charmingly sweet name! Common in Asian pop culture, Mio could also be a cute nickname for the popular English name Milo.

Kai- Another adorable short name, Kai means willow tree in Navajo and food in Maori. It is notable as Donald Trump Jr's daughter's name, Kai Madison.

Dai- Meaning large generation, Dai is a traditional Japanese baby boy name. It can be a nickname for David if you want something more conventional, but we love Dai all on its own!

Hiroshi- Another traditional Japanese name, Hiroshi is common in both pop culture and as a name to many notable figures including Hiroshi Amano, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Meaning generous, it could also be shortened to Hiro.

Tatuso- This very cool baby name means male dragon and would be just perfect for a little boy.

Numerical Japanese boy names

Japanese names often have meanings derived from kanji characters. While numerical names are less common, there are some names that may be associated with numbers or have numerical elements. These names often incorporate the suffix "-ro", which means "son" in Japanese.

Ichiro - "First son"

Jiro - "Second son"

Saburo - "Third son"

Shiro - "Fourth son"

Goro - "Fifth son"

Rokuro - "Sixth son"

Shichiro - "Seventh son"

Hachiro - "Eighth son"

Kuro - "Ninth son"

Juro - "Tenth son"

Long Japanese boy names

Takashi - "Noble" or "Prosperous"

Masataka - "Correct" (Masashi) and "Noble" (Taka)

Yoshitaka - "Good" or "Righteous" (Yoshi) and "Noble" (Taka)

Ryotaro - "Refreshing" or "Cool" (Ryo) and "Thick" or "Big" (Taro)

Yasunari - "Peace" or "Tranquility" (Yasu) and "To become" (Nari)

Japanese boy names meaning dark














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Japanese boy names meaning fire












Japanese boy names meaning moon




Atsuki or Azuki

Japanese boy names meaning warrior



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You always know when you've found 'the one' and this is true for your baby's name too! If none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try our baby name generator? Or why not take a look at the top 1,000 boy names of 2023 for more ideas of popular baby boy names?

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