Italian boy names

Italian boy names

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Italian boy names not only ooze style but also romance. They might be unusual, but they’re definitely memorable. Embrace Italian culture with these beautiful baby names, your boy will thank you when he’s all grown up and breaking hearts.

Italian boy names

  1. Adriano - An Italian version of Adrian, Adriano has a very literal meaning - man from Adria. But this beautiful Italian town is a worthy baby name, as not only is the town charming but your baby boys name will be too.

  2. Caruso - A popular Italian surname, Caruso has been revamped as a unique first name. We love how smooth it sounds.

  3. Duran - Popular for its association with the legendary Duran Duran, this Italian baby boy name is a great choice for music lovers.

  4. Emanuele - The Italian variation of Emmanuel, Emanuele has great biblical meaning as the name given to the promised Messiah. It can be adorably nicknamed to Manny, and means God is with us.

  5. Franco - This classic Italian name was once tainted by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, but has been revived recently due to handsome actor James Franco. If you are connecting with your French heritage this name is perfect as it quite literally means Frenchman.

  6. Galileo - If you see a future in science for your new-born, Galileo is a distinctive name to choose. The Renaissance astronomer and mathematician is also a great choice for a middle name if you want a low-key connection.

  7. Giorgio - An Italian variation on George, this classic baby boy name is both strong and beautiful. It can also act as an ode to Giorgio Armani for fashion savvy parents.

  8. Isaia - This beautiful name also has great religious significance, meaning salvation of the Lord. The once biblical name has been modernised by stars like Isaiah Washington and basketball legend Isiah Thomas.

  9. Luca - We are obsessed with this adorable name! It has become somewhat of a celebrity favourite with stars such as Colin Firth, Hilary Duff, Rebecca Minkoff and Gabriel Macht naming their baby boys it.

  10. Mario - This super handsome sounding name was borne out of Roman family names related to Mars (the god of war). It is the more commonly used version of Marius, the original form of the Italian baby boy name.

  11. Paulo - You might jump to the image of Rachel’s Italian lothario from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when you hear Paulo, but with a more notable history of Renaissance painters this name actually has much more meaning. It’s at least much more romantic than the English equivalent of Paul.

  12. Rafael - This super masculine name not only sounds romantic but also a thoughtful meaning of God has healed. Spelling it with an ‘f’ as oppose to ‘ph’ also gives it that extra distinction from other names.

  13. Alessandro - The more exotic version of Alexander, Alessandro oozes romance and style. Meaning defending men, it can also be shortened to Alessio or Sandro- very fancy!

  14. Rocco - This name is super fashionable with a string of celebrities naming their sons Rocco. Not only Madonna adopt the name for her boy, it is also a favourite of Tanya and Phil Bardsley. Super cute and associated with a bunch of legendary boxers, this name is a win-win.

  15. Samuele - As biblical as it is traditional, Samuele is the Italian version of Samuel. Even more celebrity parents are fans of this one, including Jennifer Garner and Naomi Watts. Your baby will join a line-up of celebrity line up as well as being named after a prophet of the Old Testament.

  16. Santo - Meaning saint, Santo is extremely religious and has a long history in Italy. It’s also absolutely adorable!

  17. Valentino - We are obsessed with this romantic name that means strength and health. It has Shakespearean roots as well as being the name of St. Valentine, your baby boy is bound to be a heartbreaker with this name!

  18. Romeo - Another Italian baby boy name, another heartbreaker. Romeo broke onto the mainstream baby name scene when Victoria and David Beckham chose it for their son. It’s as romantic as it is classic.

  19. Nataniele - The Italian version of Nathaniel, Nataniele is a more luxurious sounding name while still keeping the shortening possibilities of Nathan and Nate. It’s meaning is also perfect for a new-born, meaning gift of God.

  20. Marcello - Meaning young warrior, this Italian baby boy name comes from Marcellus- an ancient name drawn from Mars, the God of War. You will have a little fighter on your hands with this name!

  21. Caro - If you’re looking for something more unique, Caro is a great option as it not only sounds stylish but also strong. Meaning endearing, we love this unusual name.

  22. Aurelio - Meaning the golden one, this beautiful name is gaining popularity for its association with a positive aura. As the masculine form of Aurelia, it is set to take over the baby name charts in the next few years.

Don’t worry if your due date is fast approaching and you still haven’t found a name that feels like the one. Head to our baby name generator where you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with, from more traditional sounding names, to unique baby names from all around the world.

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