Popular Russian baby boy names with meanings

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Searching for a tradition Russian boys name? Our list of Russian baby names could be just the place to start!

Whether you want to pay homage to an old Russian relative, or simply have a more unique name for your baby boy, you've come to the right place. Check out our 21 Russian baby boy names, you're bound to fall in love with one of these. You can also head over to Best Russian girls names for inspiration if you're expecting a girl!

Popular Russian boy names

  1. Akim - The Russian form of Hebrew name Jehoiakim, Akim has biblical meaning: God will establish. We love this strong sounding name.

  2. Viktor - Meaning conqueror, Viktor is a popular Russian name. You might remember it as the name of Viktor Krum in Harry Potter.

  3. Tima - An adorable version of Timothy, Tima has religious connotations, meaning honouring God. We love how cute it sounds.

  4. Damien - Derived from the Greek 'Damianos', Damien, meaning 'to tame, subdue', is also popular in Russia.

  5. Dimitri - A Slavic variation of the Greek god of fertility and farming, Dimitri is an exotic-sounding choice for any baby boy.

  6. Eriks - A variation on Eric, Eriks not only sounds unique and modern, it also has a significant meaning: eternal ruler.

  7. Alek - The Russian variation of Alex, which means 'defending men'. It is one of the most popular gender-neutral names. If you want a more traditional sounding name, go with Aleksandr.

  8. Ivan - A hugely popular name in Russia, Ivan has been the name of many Russian leaders including Ivan the Great but also Ivan the Terrible. A traditional Russian baby boy name, this is a conventional choice to embrace the Russian heritage.

  9. Jeremie - As with many of these names, this is the Russian version of Hebrew classic, Jeremiah. Meaning appointed by God, Jeremie has a choice of spellings including Jeramie and Jeramy.

  10. Armen - A Russian variation on Armand, which means 'soldier', Armen is also extremely popular in Armenia. It is rarely used in the UK, and so makes a great unique choice.

  11. Ilias - The Russian variation on Elijah, a Hebrew name, Ilias is adorably modern. For a more conventional nickname, you could go with Lee.

  12. Karlin - We love this cool variation on Carl. Karlin is gender-neutral and means 'free man'.

  13. Leonid - Another traditional Russian name, Leonid was the first name of Russian president Brezhnev. Meaning 'lion', which also lends itself so looking at some great lion-themed nursery decoration ideas for your little one.

  14. Nikolai - This strong, exotic version of Nicholas is a popular choice in Russia. Your son will join a line of impressive Russian painters, so you may give him some artistic flair if you choose this cool name.

  15. Rolan - We love this variation on the old-fashioned Roland. Although your son may be destined to a life of fame with this name, as it means 'famous throughout the land'.

  16. Ludis - This is the Russian version of Louis, which means 'renowned warrior'. We love how unconventional it is.

  17. Sergei - This traditional Russian name became popular thanks to Saint Sergei, known for being kind and gentle. We think it would sound adorable on a baby, yet strong once your boy is all grown up.

  18. Vas - This cool, short name is actually diminutive of Basil which means 'regal'.

  19. Yuri - A popular Russian name, Yuri is the name of many a Russian scientist and is pronounced 'Yer-ee'.

  20. Vladimir - This Slavic name is hugely popular in Russia, perhaps due to its notable meaning of 'renowned prince'. A great option for any sports fans, as it is also the first name of legendary former professional, heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko.

  21. Zavid - While this Russian baby boy name is old-fashioned, we love how unusual and cool it is. Meaning 'beloved, favourite, darling, friend', it's also one of the sweetest names on our list.

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