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Silver Cross Scout

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Silver Cross Scout at a glance:

Scout is the ultimate compact travel system, with a simple one-piece fold and a car seat included. Suitable from birth to 25kg, Scout comes with a cushioned newborn babynest, which creates a lie-flat pram, so there's no need for a separate carrycot.

Made from natural bamboo, the babynest is anti-bacterial and helps regulate baby's temperature. Scout's seat can be used parent or forward-facing with a multi-position recline and adjustable calf rest. Scout has an extendable hood and removable bumper bar.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Analize said: "It’s way too good away and goes in the boot easily, my baby seems comfortable in it, the good comes right down if it rains it has a rain cover which is a bit clunky but does the job, it could do with a pouch to it that rolls up into. It’s super easy to push the leather handle makes for a nice grip and feels and looks more expensive for it, the basket at the bottom of nice and big for the shopping and nappies etc."

Hannah said: "I love that the car seat can attach to the pram. This is great when I’m popping to the shops I can easily attach the car seat to the pram and not have to disturb my baby especially if they are sleeping! The base of the pram is also really spacious and I can fit so much in, also great when going out shopping, lots of space to put things! I also love that the pram can be used from birth, I have a four-month-old and a two-year-old, and I can easily put each of them in the pram. So if my two year old decides he does not want to walk anymore, I put my baby in the carrier and my two year old then goes in the pram!"

Sarah said: "This is a sturdy feeling pram which is easy to manoeuvre. I liked that you could push it one-handed and still feel in control of the movement. It is fairly straightforward to assemble and provides a complete travel system which is helpful given the wide array of options on the market. The generous hood is also really useful in sunny weather."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sarah said: "As you come to expect with Silver Cross products, the overall build and quality of this pram is excellent. The design is sleek and stylish and wasn’t difficult to assemble, which was a big bonus for my husband and I. We have a large boot that accommodates the Scout well but I can imagine it being completely suitable for hatchback boots or potentially smaller. After owning/reviewing a variety of pram brands, this pram does stand out for its lightweight feel and smoothness of the ride. The hood offers good protection and shading on brighter days and hasn’t been an irritant for the boys."

Abigail said: "The weight limit is quite high at twenty five kilograms which is great if like me you have a bigger baby, both of mine are above the 99th centile and this means they are above the standard weight limit on most prams of fifteen kilograms long before they stop needing one. I also think that it is really easy to use and the basket is huge so can hold lots of things."

Hannah said: "I would recommend this product to a friend because I think it is a sturdy pram, it’s a smooth ride along pavements and bumpy terrain and I found it easy to get up curbs. The pram looks sleek and is made of good quality material, which is important when purchasing something that is going to be used frequently and is likely to get messy from baby sick and food! My husband and I are also both tall, so for us, the height of the pram must suit us, and this one does! It has multiple handlebar heights and is perfect for us! The car seat attaches to the pram, which is great when out and about."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sarah said: "I would choose this product over others simply based on it being a complete package whilst being incredibly affordable. The lightweight frame and overall quality are exceptional and the ability to quickly use the travel seat as a short replacement for the pushchair seat just makes things more convenient. Silver Cross has covered all areas with this travel system and considered them with the user in mind."

Abigail said: "I would because the price is really good for a travel system the car seat adapters make it really easy to quickly pop into the shops without having to wake sleeping baby! I like that it comes with basically everything, footmuff, raincover etc, and it's all nicely branded with the Silver Cross logo so no one would know it is one of the more budget options."

Analize said: "Yes I think it should win. I’d say it stands out on a price point for me £499.99 for the pushchair, car seat rain cover, padded insert, foot/leg cover and leather handle I think is very responsible pricing for what your getting for your money. A coffee cup attachment would blow it out the park would be a nice added extra for us sleepy parents!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah said: "When folded the pram is quite big and takes up a lot of space, especially in the boot of my car there is not much room left and it is also quite heavy to lift. It would be great if this product was lighter and was easy to lift with just one hand. Also if somehow the product could be flatter when folded, as a parent we have lots of baby products that take up lots of space in the house and in the car so it is really handy when we have products that don’t take up loads of space."

Analize said: "It would have up be the hood for me. I like how it goes all the way down to cover baby but it’s very ugly when it’s pushed all the way back. It attaches to the pushchair with around three different prongs, which are all exposed to baby fingers. It almost needs extra something around the sides to make it all about rounded."

Sarah said: "The only improvement that I would like to suggest is the quality of the wheel. We go for walks through a variety of terrains and, at points, the Scout wasn’t the easiest to manoeuvre. Slightly larger wheels with a wider surface area may make it easier to walk through certain environments. Walking through urban areas is completely fine."

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