Tesco Fred & Flo Newborn Nappies Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Tesco Fred & Flo Newborn Nappies at a glance:

Tesco Fred & Flo Newborn Nappies range is made of using super soft breathable materials with a super absorbent core to help keep baby dry. Our wetness indicator shows when the nappy needs to be changed to help avoid discomfort. All Tesco Fred & Flo nappies have been dermatologically tested. The Newborn and Mini nappies feature soft cord protection which is gentle against baby's delicate skin, for added comfort. The Newborn range comes in sizes 0-2, with a specially designed re-sealable fastening which is not only secure but tells you when you need to move to the next size.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alison: This nappy is making my life easier as a mum as it is easy to put on my baby, with clear markings of the front and back and where to place the stickers. I like the wetness indicator line as this is useful to know when we need to change him just with a quick peek under his vest. I have not noticed an odour with them either which is a plus.

Anika: These nappies are quick and easy to put on baby and dispose of. It had a helpful indicator of whether or was wet shown initially yellow if dry and blue when wet. However poos do not show up so it is good not to get reliant on just the wetness indicator. The nappies were soft and tabs easy to secure. They were helpful overnight but for newborn babies they do wee and poo 24/7!

Caroline: This nappy performed well both during the day and overnight – we had one poo leak in the duration of using up a whole pack, but that was better than experienced with the leading competitors. I preferred these nappies to those of core brands like Pampers. I have tried every supermarket brand of nappy also and this is my favourite. It is also much better (from a leaks and nappy rash perspective) than eco nappy brands. My baby is a newborn so movement is less of a concern, but the nappy didn’t have any gaps etc when he kicked his legs on the playmat. The value for money is incredible.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alison: I wouldn't recommend these nappies to other mums as they weren't as soft as some I have used although my son seemed comfortable in them, with no adverse rashes or discomfort. The design is also quite plain and I have struggled with their fit and absorbency. They are good value for money however in comparison to others.

Anika: For someone not going down cloth nappy route this is a lovely nappy. Slim fit, soft, helpful with wetness indicator and helpful to know if baby needs the next size up. We did go through the nappies rapidly. Unfortunately, there were quite a few poo leaks out of the sides. They weren’t made of special material (not advertised anywhere). I wouldn’t recommend them from an eco side. Comfort-wise they are fine although by the end of the nappies my little one had developed a few nappy rashes which I wonder if the nappy dried out the poo so fast that it stuck to babies bottom more.

Caroline: I have already recommended this product to friends for the following reasons – (1) neutral design and not too many dyes or unattractive/sexist pictures (2) great fit including the fit indicators (3) very easy to use – no tearing as I have experienced with other nappies including more expensive brands (4) good hygiene – no overnight leaks and only one poo leak incident. The nappies are also much cheaper than other brands. I have already bought them again (and I don’t shop at Tesco so it was a special trip just for the nappies!).

Would you choose this product to win?

Alison: I would not choose these nappies to win over the others I have tested. Although they perform well the majority of the time I have found it difficult to get a reliable fit on my son around his thighs and unfortunately a lot of the time we get wee and or poo leaks. I just don't think they fit him that well so do not work for us.

Anika: I think this nappy could win for this disposable category as it performs similarly to others of its style. I liked that it didn’t have a scented smell and that the material was soft. The wetness indicator was really helpful and the ease of tab use helped too. However it would be good if it had something to say about its environmental impact.

Caroline: I think this nappy should win – it’s brilliant value for money, has an original and clever feature (the size indicator) and doesn’t leak. It has saved me time (less washing) and money. I prefer the fit and design to that of more expensive brands. We did not suffer any nappy rash either. Despite the low price, the nappies are very durable, and we had no issues with tabs tearing off (as can happen).

What changes would you make to this product?

Alison: To improve these nappies I would make the fit around the leg smaller. I don't know why as I haven't had this problem with other nappies I have tested but these just don't seem to fit him well around his legs.

Anika: I had numerous poo leaks with this nappy, never up the back but out by the legs. A double gusset to prevent leakage explosions could be useful. It’s almost as if the force of a poo no matter its size will force it out the side of the leg. Or maybe the pad needs to be made with more absorbent material?

Caroline: I don’t believe this nappy is made from organic or eco-friendly materials. I want to buy eco nappies to assuage my environmental guilt (and I would buy reusables or hire them if there was a washing service – we don’t have any drying space) but I have found them to be bulky and they caused my baby to develop nasty nappy rash. Therefore, I do need to buy regular nappies – as this is the case, I may as well buy the own brand ones if they work like these do. However, some sort of carbon or other eco off-setting by the producer stated on the packaging would make me feel better!

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